SCADA Full Form

What is the full form of SCADA?

The full form of SCADA is the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a computer system designed to collect real-time data and interpret it. It is used in diverse fields, like waste and water management, telecommunications, gas and oil processing, electricity production, and transportation, to regulate and track equipment and production processes in various sectors.

  • In the 1960s, for the first time, SCADA systems were being used.
  • SCADA regulates the operation of machinery engaged in manufacturing, processing, manufacturing, growth and more.
  • It is used for infrastructural procedures like the distribution of gas and oil, distribution of electric energy, distribution of water, and much more.
  • Thus, to a significant extent, it has a limited human intervention.

Task accompanied by SCADA.

To achieve the following tasks, industrial organizations also use SCADA systems.

  • To regulate manufacturing structure both locally and at remote areas
  • To map, collect and process real-time information
  • Using HMI (human-machine interface) software to communicate with systems such as valves, sensors, pumps, motors & more.

How does the SCADA system operate?

Consider an example of pipeline leakage to understand the working of SCADA. The SCADA system collects information when a pipeline starts leaking and forward the data to a central site and thus warnings the home station about the issue. The condition is also evaluated, including how significant the leakage is and how much water is being leaked.

Features of SCADA

SCADA systems can be fundamental, such as those used to track the climatic conditions of a small or complicated office block, or they can be quite specialized, like those used to track the operation of a nuclear plant or the process of a municipal water system.

It includes software and hardware, and various companies have diverse demands, so there could be some variations in their SCADA systems; however, some characteristics are always common to everyone, like,

  • Process mimic
  • Data analysis
  • Alarm system
  • Graphic interface
  • Report generator
  • Real-time checking
  • Data acquisition


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