DP Full Form

What is the Full form of DP?

DP (Data Processing)

The full form of DP is Data Processing. DP is a technology that involves a computer program to process and organise data, typically a large volume of numerical data. It can also be used for handling, analysing, measuring, sorting, and storing data. Simply put, it is the transformation of raw data into usable information via a mechanism involving computer networks, software and so on.

In general, organisations utilise computer devices and applications to conduct a set of activities by manipulating raw data to obtain details. It presents insightful output data in the form of diagrams, documents and graphics and so on. A broad range of applications for processing the data is commercially available. A few are MS Excel and Word, PowerPoint and so on.

Some processes include data processing.

  • Validation – A method guarantees the safe, accurate and usefulness of the data supplied.
  • Sorting – It’s being used to organise increasing or decreasing objects in some series.
  • Summary – Used to minimise the comprehensive data to its key points.
  • Aggregation – It combines several pieces of information.
  • Analysis – It uses advanced and very accurate algorithms and mathematical calculations.
  • Classification – Used to classify data into various groups.

DP (Display Picture)

Another full form of DP is Display Picture. DP is a photo commonly used for posting to a social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on. To represent his visual style, DP can be identified as a highlighted picture of one individual on social media or other web chat profiles.

DP is also recognised as a profile image, but since it does not reflect your profile, most people prefer to call it a display picture. Users can crop, adjust contrast, and brightness, modify the context of the display picture and so on.


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