NRI Full Form

What is the Full form of NRI?

The full form of NRI is Non-Resident Indian. An NRI is an Indian-born citizen who has emigrated to some other country. The reasons for the relocation could be work, education, residence or some other purpose. They are all people of India who live in other nations. India has the second-largest NRIs in the globe after China, as per the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.

Definition: A person who stayed away from India for more than 182 days in a calendar year known as NRI. Income taxes are unique for such an individual. An NRI must hold an Indian passport and have Indian nationality. NRI is also recognized as Overseas Indians or Expatriates.

Various categories of NRIs

Below are the three principal NRI classifications.

  • Central or state government representatives and public sector employees are living overseas.
  • Indian civilians are working abroad in institutions such as the IMF ( International Monetary Fund), the UNO (United Nations Organization), the World Bank and so on.
  • Indian residents are staying overseas for schooling, jobs, carrying a business, or on vacation.


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