ICWA Full Form

What is the Full form of ICWA?

The full form of ICWA is the Indian Child Welfare Act. ICWA is a Federal Act for the Protection and Benefits Rights of American Indian Children. The statute administers authority over the separation of detention, adoption cases & foster care of Native American Indian children from their families.

The US implemented the law in 1978. Congress to lay down guidelines for withdrawing and placing American Indian children in adoptive & foster homes.

Importance of ICWA

  • The justification for the Act came after a large proportion of American Indian and Alaska Native children were separated and placed into non-native adoptive homes and fostered in American history.
  • It is estimated that some 30 per cent of the native children were expelled from their families by public and private organizations. It left them to stand away from their own identities & culture.
  • In 1978 all of this harmed the lives of tribal people and resulted in the ICWA being introduced.
  • The Act sets the minimum constitutional requirements to separate American Indian children from their parents.


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