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What is the full form of CMS?

The full form of CMS is the Content Management System. CMS is a software platform used to handle changes in website content creation, enabling multiple authors to develop, update, and publish material. Contents in a CMS are typically stored on the server, and exhibited on a series of templates in the application layer. It is usually used for the ECM (enterprise content management) & WCM (web content management).

Web pages are usually written in programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and so on, and if someone wants to build a website, they need to learn all of these concepts. CMS systems fix this issue by allowing everyone to create a website that doesn’t need to design software or learn the program.

Characteristics of CMS

  • Help the development of websites faster and easier.
  • CMS provides full design support without any alteration of the content.
  • CMS management and usage are simple
  • CMS administration panel that supports multiple languages.
  • The server needs less demand.
  • Integrated file managers & audit reports.
  • Quick update and simple to SEO.

Major elements of CMS

  1. CMA (Content Management Application) – It is the editing component of the front-end user interface which allows users to edit, change, add or remove content from a web page.
  2. CDA (Content Delivery Application) – It is the tool for publishing which upgrades the website details.

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