KRA Full Form

What is the full form of KRA?

The full form of KRA is Key Result Area or Key Responsibility Area. KRA is a management concept that defines the job position and duty of an employee, and also refers to the different areas of work for which he may take responsibility. KRA focuses on the JD (Job Description) of the workers, which is mostly due to the specific KRAs allocated to each.

KRAs are developed by the company or organization to evaluate their performance of the employees in an organized manner and may also be used as an evaluation tool, as these measures are focused on their total performance.

Method of writing KRAs

  • As these are focused on job descriptions, go thoroughly via the employee’s JD. If need talk with the manager as well as with the employee.
  • Figure out exactly what the individual would do and how they would contribute to the betterment of the company.
  • Remember all observable essential tasks to fulfill on the job. Which include stuff expressed in percentages, numbers etc.
  • Make objectives focused on these expectations, and write explanations of each task as self-explanatory.
  • Ensure that observable and reasonable objectives and timescales are set when describing such goals.

Some KRA are described below

  • Human Resource Management and Development
  • Financial Management
  • Research and Development Department
  • Manufacturing
  • Administration Cell
  • Information and Communication technology
  • Marketing and Promotion


The company’s HR recruiter, Key Responsibility Area will be to hire and train staff, manage leaves, form their appraisals, etc.


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