SOP Full Form

What is the full form of SOP?

The full form of SOP is Standard Operating Procedure. SOP is a collection of stepwise guidelines or directions gathered by an organization to enable its employees and staff to perform the assigned routine activities. The various types of companies and organizations with the SOPs aim to achieve consistency in efficiency, quality result and employee productivity. It decreases the possibility of confusion and employees act according to regulatory standards.

By enforcing SOPs in the industry, reliability is increased in various official functions such as marketing, sales, account customer service, etc. Depending on the services provided, SOPs may differ from one industry to another.

The CEO makes all the significant decisions that correspond to the day-to-day business activities in smaller firms. But as the firm grows, reported SOPs are required to add continuity to business operations. It functions as a reference guide for employees, which helps people understand the sequence of business tactics and other related duties.

Types of SOPs

One can distinguish various groups and forms of SOPs as listed below.

  • Fundamental SOPs which gives instructions to make the other categories SOPs.
  • Safety measure SOPs
  • Methodic SOPs describe the investigation method or complete testing method.
  • A standard method for operating instruments, machinery, and other equipment.
  • SOPs for analytical techniques.
  • SOP for reagent preparation.
  • SOPs for receiving samples and documenting them.
  • Quality-assurance SOPs.
  • Archiving SOPs, and how to handle complaints.


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