SIT Full Form

What Is the Full form of SIT?

The full form of SIT is Special Investigation Team. SIT is a special committee appointed for any particular case that an investigation was not carried out appropriately by the existing investigative agency.

In the constitution, no law stipulates a specific form of the case should be given to an SIT. Typically, it’s the high-profile cases that this team is allocated to. Firstly, the SIT submits its report to the court of the first instance. That is then up to the board of the court to finally fully accept or reject this document.

Important Points about SIT

  • SIT are trained units of Indian law enforcement officers composed of personnel specialised in investigating complex crime incidents.
  • SIT is deployed when it is discovered that the current agency is not in a position to conduct a fair investigation in the particular instance or if the case is brought against the high profile individuals who may impact the investigation of the current agency.
  • When any case is brought before the court, and the court discovers that the existing agencies are not going the right way for different reasons such as compromised, biased, lack of resources, corrupted, ted-tape, etc., then the court deploys a new unit to investigate the case.

How does SIT work?

  • The SIT is appointed by India’s Supreme Court or the government of the state.
  • The team investigates the case and makes a report for court attendance.
  • The report goes to all levels of appeal for scrutiny.
  • The court has the power to approve or deny the report.
  • If the recommendation is dismissed or not approved, then it will be left to the appeal jury to rule the future of the case.


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