Difference between Comparable and Comparator in Java

Both comparable and comparator are interfaces and used to classify display elements. Let’s discuss some major differences between comparable and comparator in java.

What is Comparable in Java?

Comparable in Java means an object that can be compared to other objects. When it comes to Java, there are multiple built-in classes that enforce the Java comparable interface.

What is Comparator in Java?

A comparator interface is used to collect the objects of user-defined classes. It is also competent in comparing two objects of an identical class.

Difference between Comparable and Comparator in Java

S.No. Comparable Comparator
1. It supports single-sorting sequences. We can classify the group based on a single element. It supports multiple sorting sequences. Here, we can classify the group based on the multiple elements.
2. It gives compareTo() technique to sort elements. It gives compare() technique to sort elements.
3. It does not influence the original class. It doesn’t influence the original class.
4. It is found in a java.lang container. It is found in the java.util container.

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