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Difference Between DOS and Windows

DOS and Windows both are operating systems, where the DOS is not that popular when it comes to usage in the current scenario while Windows has become the most used operating system. Let’s analyze more differences between DOS and Windows.

What is DOS?

DOS represents the Disk Operating System, which is a binary-tasking operating system. That means it can execute one task at a time.

What is Windows?

Windows is a graphical operating system that allows users to execute multiple tasks at a time. Also, users can do multiple things here like, storing files, playing games, running the software, utilizing the multimedia feature, and more.

Difference between DOS and Windows

S.NO DOS Windows
1. The full form DOS is Disk Operating System Window has no full form.
2. It is a binary-tasking OS. They are multitasking OS.
3. It utilizes low power as compared to windows. It utilizes high power.
4. It does not support networking. It supports networking.
5. When it comes to being user friendly and complexity, Dos is more complex than windows. Windows on the other hand is easy to use and more user-friendly.
6. It consumes less memory as compared to windows. Windows consumes more memory.
7. DOS is popular as a command line operating system. Windows are widely known as the graphical operating systems.
8. DOS does not support multimedia such as games, songs, movies, etc. Windows supports all these multimedia features like games, songs, movies, more.
9. The execution of tasks is slower in DOS as compared to windows. In windows the execution of tasks is faster.
10. In DOS, we can only use one window at a time. In windows, we can use multiple windows.
11. It is not expensive. Windows is expensive.
12. Dos requires less memory. Windows requires more memory than DOS.

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