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Difference Between Linux and Windows

Linux Vs. Windows: Know the Difference Between Linux and Windows

Both of these are operating systems with slightly different functionalities. In this article, we will discuss all the criteria of difference between Linux and Windows. Let us first look into their individual functionalities.

What is Linux?

It is an open-source and free operating system (OS) that provides its users with c compatibility with the user interface and programming interface. It is based on the Unix standards and consists of many elements that are developed separately.

What is Windows?

It is a licensed OS with an inaccessible source code. Windows works pretty well for all users who have very little to no computer knowledge. It is good for commercial use among businesses as well as for personal use- because it is very straightforward and easy to use.

There is a basic difference between Linux and Windows. Windows comes in a marketable package, while Linux is free from any price. Thus, Windows is expensive. Also, the Linux package is open supply. It means that the users can get access to the ASCII text file for improving the system’s code victimization. Conversely, the users can’t accept ASCII files in Windows. The OS is authorized. There are more ways in which both of these differ. Read ahead to know more.

Difference Between Linux and Windows

Parameters Linux Windows
Case Sensitivity The file system in Linux is very case-sensitive. The file system in Windows is not case-sensitive.
Cost Incurred Linux is free to use for everyone. Windows do not come free for any user.
Open Source It is open source. It is not open source.
Type of Kernel Used Linux utilizes the monolithic kernel. Windows uses the micro-kernel.
Path Separator The path separator that Linux uses is Slash. The path separator that Windows uses is backward slash.
Efficiency In the case of operations, Linux is way more efficient than Windows. For operations, Windows are comparatively way less efficient than Linux.
Security It is more secure than Windows OS. It provides much less security to its users than Linux.
Uses in Hacking People generally use Linux for the systems that are hacking-based. Windows is not a very efficient OS for hacking purposes as compared to Linux.

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