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Introduction to Data structures

What is Data Structure?

Data Structure is a method of managing and arranging data in such a way that we can conduct operations on these data in an efficient way. Data Structures is about providing or contributing data elements for better organization and storage.

Data Structures Notes For GATE

Data structure is a vast topic in the computer programming world. This topic is too vast and very important at the same time. Students who are going to appear in the GATE examination through this subject, need to deep dive into this whole concept of data structures.

The topic Data structures contains several sub-topics or we can say that there are different types of data structures in computer science. Students need to go through all of them if they want to clear the concepts and do well in the examination. For your convenience, we have covered all the topics relevant to data structures. You can directly jump on that particular topic through the below table.

Different Types of Data Structures Under GATE Computer Science Syllabus:

S.No. Topics
1. Introduction to Array Notes
2. Linked Lists Notes
3. Binary Heaps Notes
4. Heap Sort Notes
5. Binary Search Trees Notes
6. AVL Trees Notes
7. Graphs and their Applications
8. Trees
9. Stacks and their Applications
10. Queues Notes
11. Introduction to Recursion

Video on Complete Revision of Data Structure

As per the GATE Syllabus for CSE (Computer Science Engineering),ย the topics under data structure are divided into different segments. To crack the GATE examination, it is suggested to cover all the topics and sub-topics given in the table. This GATE study material for data structure will surely help you understand this core topic in a better way.

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