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Can BCA Student Apply for GATE

A question asked by most GATE aspirants is “Can BCA Student Apply for GATE?” To find an answer to this question, you can check the eligibility criteria given on the GATE brochure availed from the official website. As per the brochure, a candidate who is at present studying in the third or higher years of any undergraduate degree programme or has already finished any government-approved degree programme in Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Science / Commerce / Arts, is eligible to appear for the GATE exam. So, browsing through this brochure should enable you to answer the question “Can BCA Student Apply for GATE.”

Meanwhile, candidates who have obtained or are pursuing their qualifying degree from countries outside India, have to be in the third or higher years or should have completed their Bachelor’s degree with a duration of at least three years in Engineering / Technology / Science / Arts / Commerce, while appearing for the GATE exams.

Is it at all possible for BCA students to apply for GATE?

Now, the answer to this question is typically with the institutions. However, as per the criteria mentioned in the brochure, the answer to the question, “Can BCA Student Apply for GATE?” is no. Students of BCA are not eligible to apply for GATE.

However, after completion of the BCA, if they are doing MCA, then they are considered as suitable for GATE exams. The syllabus for BCA, it is said, does not offer the strong foundation required for M. Tech students in subjects like Physics and Chemistry, hence the need to do MCA. The 2nd and 3rd year MCA students are eligible for GATE exams. Nevertheless, it is the discretion of the institute if they want a B. Tech or an MCA student.

MCA is an advanced course of BCA and also discusses topics such as Software and Applications Development, Hardware, Networking, Mobile Computing, Computer Science, Programming languages, Algorithm, Internet Technologies and so on, thus laying a well grounded foundation for GATE exams, as well.


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