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CIDR Full Form

What Is The Full Form of CIDR?

The Full Form of CIDR is Classless Inter-Domain Routing.

An IP address assigning method, CIDR, is made use of to enhance the efficiency of the address distribution. Also, called supernetting, this procedure is an alternative to the older system, which is based on classes A, B, and C networks. It is possible to designate numerous unique IP addresses, via a single CIDR IP address. A CIDR IP address follows the same format as a normal IP address. The only difference is that it has a slash followed by a number at its end. known as IP network prefix.

CIDR Features

  • IP addresses are dynamically assigned via CIDR blocks, based on the user requirement and certain rules
  • Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) handles the allocation of the CIDR block
  • CIDR block constitutes IP addresses that should follow the below rules:
    • IP addresses allocated to the host should be continuous
    • CIDR block size should be of power 2 and equal to the complete number of IP addresses
    • Block size should be divisible by the first IP address of the CIDR block

Positives of CIDR

  • IP address space allocation is made efficient
  • CIDR assigns the addresses as per the binary multiple sizes
  • Since there is no class imbalance or class networks, some portion of the address space is widely used and the others neglected
  • Efficient routing entries, such as numerous networks represented by a few routing entries, are allowed
  • There is no need for a separate subnetting, and it is implemented within the internet itself
  • Network description is also aggregated and represented by only one entry

Limitations of CIDR

  • Older systems were based on classes and were more simple
  • Looking at the first octet to identify how many bits of an IP address represents the network ID and how many supports the host ID, is no more valid now
  • CIDR is more complex

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