GATE 2020 Answer Keys

Find here, in this article below, the GATE 2020 Answer Key of the respective subjects. Candidates can also refer to the GATE Previous Year Papers 2020 here. This will help the candidates to prepare extremely well, thus scoring good marks in their chosen papers for the GATE Exams. Candidates can now efficiently download the complete PDF formats of the GATE Answer Key 2020 of all the subjects and practise them on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, find here in this article, the GATE 2020 Official Answer Key of subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Instrumentation Engineering, Architecture and Planning, and Computer Science. Candidates are advised to refer to all the GATE answer keys, if they aim to build a proper foundation in all the subjects.

GATE Answer Key 2020

Candidates can find the branch wise GATE 2020 answer key with solutions PDFs, here. These GATE 2020 Answer Keys also help the candidates to assess their own performance and exam preparation levels.

Download Gate 2020 Official Answer Key

GATE 2020 Civil Answer Key

Any candidate who is appearing for the GATE 2020 Civil Paper can refer to the answer key of the respective subject to score high marks.

GATE 2020 Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Answer Key

Candidates who opt for ECE as the primary question paper can refer to these GATE 2020 Electronics and Communication Engineering answer keys and ace the exam.

GATE 2020 Electrical Engineering (EE) Answer Key

Candidates can select the GATE 2020 Electrical Engineering question paper as the primary paper, and refer to this PDF below for the answer key and prepare for the exams.

GATE 2020 Instrumentation Engineering (IN) Answer Key

Candidates who opt for GATE 2020 Instrumentation Engineering as the primary paper, can study well and prepare for the exams by referring to this answer key.

GATE 2020 Mechanical (ME) Answer Key

A candidate who opts for GATE 2020 ME Paper as the primary one can refer to these answer keys for the respective papers and study well.

GATE 2020 Computer Science (CSE) Answer Key

If a candidate has opted for GATE 2020 CSE as the primary paper, they have to refer to the answer key mentioned below and prepare well for the exam.

GATE 2020 Architecture and Planning (AR) Answer Key

Candidates opting for GATE AR as the primary paper are advised to refer to the answer key from the clickable link below and study well for the exams.

GATE 2020 Chemistry Answer Key

Candidates are advised to refer to this answer key to analyse their exam preparation level if they have selected Chemistry as their primary paper.

GATE 2020 Maths Answer Key

If the choice for the primary question paper for GATE exams is Maths, then the candidates can refer to this question paper and prepare effectively.

GATE 2020 Physics Answer Key

Candidates can select Physics as the primary question paper for the GATE exams and refer to the link below to prepare for the exams.

How to download GATE 2020 Answer Keys

Follow the below given instructions and steps to download the GATE 2020 Answer keys:

Step 1: Visit the official GATE website

Step 2: Go to the drop-down under pre-examination links

Step 3: Visit the links under the “GATE 2020 Question Paper”

Step 4: Click on the visible link ‘’To view GATE 2020 Question Papers and Answer Keys’ for respective subject

Step 5: PDFs to the required question papers and answer key are accessible

Benefits of GATE 2020 Answer Keys

Some advantages of referring to the GATE 2020 Answer Keys are given in the points listed below:

  • Helps to increase the transparency level of the process of admissions via the GATE exams
  • Reduces the possibility of unwarranted penalization of the candidates
  • Candidates can compare their answers and gauge their performance
  • Candidates can calculate the possible scores with the help of these answer keys
  • Helps to understand the marking scheme thoroughly

For additional details about the Gate Exam and other information on exam resources such as GATE Previous Year Papers, candidates can reach out to BYJU’S.

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