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GATE Virtual Calculator- Candidates appearing for the GATE 2022 Exams are not allowed to take certain items into the hall, and GATE virtual calculator is one such product. However, it is often said that candidates are permitted to access the GATE virtual calculator. Now, the question arises, what is a virtual scientific calculator? Since most of the questions asked in the GATE exam are numerical based, a calculator is required to answer the exams. For this reason, the exam authorities will provide access to a unique feature to the candidates, and this is the GATE virtual calculator for pc. This feature has been made available to the GATE aspirants since 2016.

However, since this virtual calculator in the GATE exam is a complicated device, one needs to know how to use it. Keeping this in mind, we have given the complete details about the virtual calculator for GATE download for PC and how to use it in this article.

Specifications of GATE Virtual Calculator

To understand what a GATE scientific calculator is or how to use it properly, the candidate will first need to know more about GATE virtual calculator for pc.

  • Candidates who appear for the GATE exams will be allowed by the authorities at the exam centre to access the virtual calculator in the GATE exam 2022.
  • The keys to operate simple functions can be found on the right side of the virtual calculator for GATE download.
  • For scientific operations or other functions, the keys will be available to the left side of the virtual calculator.
  • Since there are separate keys for Inverse functions, the candidates are not required to click on the SHIFT or INV keys.
  • Inverse functions are below the respective functions. Given is the example, where ‘sininv’ is now available below sin as per the calculator.
  • All the trigonometric functions can be found grouped.
  • Hyperbolic functions are also grouped in the virtual calculator.
  • Two display boxes are shown at the top of the virtual calculator, where one package depicts the sequence of the keys that the candidate presses for reference.
  • Another box shows the actual values that are entered or obtained after completion of the calculations.

Steps to Use GATE Scientific Calculator

Given below are the examples for these calculations:

  1. How do we calculate simple arithmetic calculations?
    1. To calculate 60 + 35 x 5 candidates have to enter 60, +, 35, *, 5, =
    2. To evaluate: 75 x 40-3 candidates should enter 75, *, 40, -, 3, =
    3. Also, to evaluate: 73 x (2+3) candidates have to enter 73, *, (, 2, +, 3, ), =
  2. How do we evaluate function value?
    1. To calculate 2 + log(30) x 10 candidates should enter 30, log, *, 10, +, 2, =
    2. To calculate log(20) x 3 – 7 candidates have to enter 20, log,*, 3, -, 7, =
    3. To calculate In(15) x 2 + 8 candidates should enter 15, In, *, 2, +, 8, =
    4. To evaluate 3 + In(15) x 2 candidates have to enter 15, In, *, 2, +, 3,=
  3. How do we use sin(Degree), cos(Degree), tan(Degree)?
    1. To calculate sin(25) or cos(25) or tan(25) candidates must enter 25, sin or cos or tan
    2. To evaluate: tan(35) x 6 + 2 candidates must enter 35, tan, *, 6, +, 2, =
  4. How to find out yroot() value and cube() value?
    1. To evaluate 4th root of 8 candidates are required to enter 8, y√x, 4, =
    2. To evaluate: 483 x 6+9 candidates are all asked to enter 48, x3, *, 6, +, 9, =
  5. How to find π value, cube root() and square root?
    1. To evaluate 8 π candidates must enter 8, *, π
    2. To evaluate cube root(3) candidates must enter 3,3√
    3. To evaluate square root(6) candidates must enter 6,√
  6. How to find out factorial (nỊ) and exponential (ex )?
    1. To evaluate factorial(5) candidates must enter 5, nỊ
    2. To evaluate factorial(8)*5-2 candidates must enter 8, nỊ, *, 5, -, 2, =
    3. To evaluate e0 candidates must enter 0, ex
  7. How do we find 10x?
    1. To evaluate 122.5 candidates must enter 2.5, 12x
    2. To evaluate 18-0.509 candidates must enter 18, ^, 0.509, +/-, =
    3. To evaluate 20-2 candidates must enter 20, ^, 2, +/-, =

In the meantime, for any further details about GATE Exam Pattern and the other exam resources, candidates can stay tuned to BYJU’S.

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