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Is GATE Tough

GATE aspirants often ask this question, “Is GATE Tough”. The answer to this question cannot be readily determined. The common myth doing the rounds is that the GATE exams are too rigid, and an average student who usually gets the standard scores will find it very difficult to crack the GATE exams. However, to counter this claim, we could also state that as many as hundreds of students qualify in the GATE exams every year and continue to move on to M. Tech or ME programmes or get PSU jobs. For this reason, consensus is that it should not be too tough to crack GATE.

How Tough is GATE?

Now, the next most likely question that could get asked is “How Tough is GATE.” Since we have already established that while many consider GATE a challenging exam, it is not too tough, as many students have aced the exams over the years. It will be easy to crack the GATE exam if the students work hard towards it. Also, a GATE aspirant can appear for the GATE exam as many times they want and that there is no age restriction to appear for the exams, which can be beneficial for the candidates. Also, GATE aspirants can attempt the questions they are sure of and avoid wrong answers as it could result in negative marking. If the candidate can give more correct answers, the higher will be their GATE scores. Avoiding negative marking will ensure that marks are not reduced for the candidate. Hence, we can easily conclude that the answer to the question “Is GATE Tough?” is that GATE Exams, while often considered a challenging exam, is not unconquerable. It is possible to score good marks in these exams. And “how tough is GATE” can be also answered with, as per the exam preparations.


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