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COAP (Common Offer Acceptance Portal)

Explore All About GATE COAP – An Important Member From The GATE Family

Applicants who passed the GATE exam are qualified to participate in GATE COAP counselling. They must register and fill in the choice of programmes and colleges to which they want to be admitted. COAP is a vital component, and if you are a GATE exam aspirant, it is necessary to understand what COAP is.

NOTE: GATE 2023 was conducted on February 4, 5, 11, and 12.

What Is COAP?

COAP (Common Offer Acceptance Portal): A popular terminology belonging to the GATE family.

Common Offer Acceptance Portal is a common stage for the registered applicants to secure the most favoured option for admission into an M.Tech. In this portal, all the participating IITs and ISc Bangalore announce the result of seat allotment.

GATE COAP 2023 Dates

Events Dates
GATE COAP Registration 2023 To be notified
COAP Seat Allotment Round 1 To be notified
COAP Seat Allotment Round 2 To be notified
COAP Seat Allotment Round 3 To be notified
COAP Seat Allotment Round 4 To be notified
COAP Seat Allotment Round 5 To be notified

GATE COAP 2023 Dates for Additional Rounds

Round No. The time window for candidates to view offers and take a decision


Accept & Freeze Retain & Wait Reject
Round – A To be notified Yes No Yes
Round – B To be notified Yes No Yes
Round – C To be notified Yes No Yes
Round – D To be notified Yes No Yes
Round – E To be notified Yes No Yes

GATE COAP Eligibility Criteria

Regarding registering for COAP, there are some eligibility criteria that every aspirant must meet to qualify for the admission process. Aspirants who do not qualify for eligibility conditions are likely to be refused. So, checking the criteria before jumping into the application process is always good. Candidates are recommended to verify the eligibility standards of COAP before applying.

GATE COAP – Check Eligibility Criteria Pointers

  • Applicants should have an accurate GATE scorecard, which should belong to the years 2021, 2022, or 2023.
  • If applicants have more than one scorecard, they must use the scorecard with the highest aggregate during registration. However, information about other scorecards will also be needed.
  • If a candidate has a scorecard of GATE in more than one discipline, they need to present information for the same.
  • Applicants need to meet the eligibility criteria depending on the college they want to attend.

GATE COAP 2023 Registration

Candidates who want to participate in the admission process must enrol on the GATE COAP 2023 gateway. If we talk about 2023, the GATE COAP application process will start in March 2023. However, for reference purposes, applicants can check the complete steps.

GATE COAP Registration Process

  • Firstly, applicants must register by giving the essential details.
  • After the successful registration, applicants will get login information (Email ID & Password) on the registered mobile number.
  • Now, log in with the same credentials.
  • At the next level, candidates can apply to the college they want admission to.
  • Then, you can review the allotment status.

Steps to Check Admission Offers through GATE COAP 2023 Portal

Applicants can follow the steps mentioned below to check the admission proposal through GATE COAP 2023:

Step 1: Go to the official COAP Portal

Step 2: Enter login credentials to access your account.

Step 3: Click “Seat Allotment”

Step 4: Now, you can see the college-wise seat allotments list. Applicants can choose from the options: Accept and Freeze, Retain and Wait, Reject and Wait.

Process to Accept Seat Allotment through GATE COAP 2023

After the seat distribution process, applicants must verify the seat allotment. For that, they can choose any option like “Accept and Freeze,” “Retain and Wait”, “Reject and Wait”, or “Reject.”

  • Accept and Freeze – If the candidate wants to accept the seat allotment and does not consider any upgradation.
  • Retain and Wait – If a candidate wants to accept the seat allotment but is also considering upgrading it in further rounds.
  • Reject and Wait – If the applicant does not want to accept any allotted seats but wants to wait for the following rounds of seat allotment.
  • Reject – If applicants do not want to accept any seat offered during GATE COAP, they can choose this option.

FAQs Regarding GATE COAP (Common Offer Acceptance Portal)


Is it important for an applicant to register at COAP?

Yes. It is important because all participating colleges will inquire about COAP registration numbers on their M.Tech. applications.


What is the full form of COAP?

The full form of COAP is Common Offers Acceptance Portal.


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