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MAN Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of MAN?

The Full Form Of MAN is a Metropolitan Area Network.

It is a computer network that connects multiple local area networks within a metropolitan area. It could be a single big city, a town, multiple cities, or a building. MAN stands in between LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network). It is larger than LAN but smaller than WAN. MAN is specially set up to bestow high-speed connectivity to the consumers. In general, when it comes to MAN, the speed ranges in terms of Mbps.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) History

In 1999, LANs were set up to provide proper data communication. Traditionally, the companies relied on telephone networks, but it was very difficult for that network to handle this much traffic and it is when the concept of MAN came up. Yes, it was recommended that LANs should be connected using the single-mode optical fiber lines, which led to the conception of a metropolitan area network (MAN).

Characteristics of MAN

  • It has the ability to cover the largest area. From a group of buildings to the entire city, it can cover the area which ranges from 5 to 50 km.
  • In MAN, the data speeds are average to high.
  • MAN offers high-speed connectivity because it mostly prefers optical fibers as a medium.
  • It provides high security which ultimately leads to a lower error rate.

Advantages of MAN

  • It offers high-speed connectivity which makes the entire process smooth.
  • MAN provides high security.
  • It has the capacity to serve multiple users at a time with the same high-speed internet to all the users.
  • It carries transmitting data in both directions.

Disadvantages of MAN

  • The design of MAN is considerably complicated therefore, it is difficult to maintain.
  • It is extremely expensive to set up MAN.
  • It renders less error tolerance.
  • The data transfer rate is comparatively low in MAN.

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