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IIT Kharagpur has added two new papers Geomatics Engineering (GE) and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM) to the GATE Exams 2022. They have also released official sample papers for these new subjects so that candidates can get an idea about the expected exam pattern and marking scheme for these papers. Practising these GATE Exam sample papers also helps the candidates to face the exams more confidently, as they get familiar with the expected question types for the GATE Exam.

Access GATE Exam Sample Paper 2022

This article below will find more details about the GATE sample papers for the newly added subjects, Geomatics Engineering and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

Newly added subjects for GATE 2022 Exams:

GATE Geomatics Engineering

Geomatics Engineering is a fascinating subject, and some topics covered in this paper include Aerial Photogrammetry, Image Enhancement, Image Segmentation and Classification and more. GATE Geomatics Engineering (GE) Sample Paper 2022 constitutes sections, the General Aptitude (GA) accounting for 15 marks and two other parts of the syllabus are Part A (55 marks) and Part B (30 marks). Here, Part A is compulsory for all the candidates, while Part B contains two optional sections. These optional sections of Part B are Section I and Section II. Candidates have the option to choose any one of these during the examination. No separate score and ranking will be provided based on the selection of sections.

GATE Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, another newly added paper for GATE 2022 is interesting and constitutes topics such as Fluid Mechanics and Marine Hydrodynamics, Thermodynamics and Marine Engineering and so on. GATE Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NM) Sample Paper 2022 format includes the General Aptitude (GA) section, accounting for 15 marks, as applicable to all the other papers of GATE 2022. The other section of the paper amounts to 85 marks, covering the syllabus.

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