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GATE Answer Key PDFs: Candidates can analyse these GATE Official Answer Keys with the marking schemes and get an idea about the probable scores for the GATE exams, as they are released before the GATE Results declaration. In this article, we have tried to compile the list of Answer Keys, both subject wise and year wise. Candidates can refer to Answer Key GATE to check the questions asked in the respective GATE exam and the correct answers for the same. Along with the GATE answer key, the qualifying marks are also published on the official website.

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Meanwhile, here in this article below, we have compiled the GATE Answer Key with Solution both subject wise and year wise. As the latest answer keys have not gone live, we have compiled the official previous years’ GATE answer keys. Candidates can keep checking the page for further updates.

GATE Answer Keys – Subject Wise

GATE Answer Keys – Year Wise

In the tables below, please find the year wise GATE Answer Key. After solving the question papers, candidates can refer to all these answer keys to self analyse their exam preparation.

Find GATE Answer Keys By Year:

GATE Answer Key 2021

The best way to prepare for the upcoming GATE exams is to refer to the GATE 2021 Answer keys of the respective subject. Candidates can refer to these solutions and identify the mistakes to rectify them before the exams, so that they do not repeat the same for GATE exams. Also Explore, GATE 2021 Question Paper.

GATE Answer Key 2020

One of the best preparation strategies that any candidate can devise to ace the GATE exams is to refer to the GATE 2020 Answer key. Referring to these solutions also helps to identify the mistakes and rectify them before the exams so that they do not repeat the same for GATE exams. Also Explore, GATE 2020 Question Paper

GATE 2019 Answer Key

Candidates are advised to solve the GATE previous year paper and then later refer to the corresponding GATE Official Answer Key 2019 to gauge their performance. In addition, candidates should refer to these answer keys often if they ever have any doubts regarding the questions asked in the GATE exam question paper for the respective year. Also Explore, GATE 2019 Question Paper

GATE Answer Key 2018

GATE 2018 Answer key with solution is the perfect reference material for the candidates who aspire to ace the GATE exams. Candidates can first solve the previous year papers and then refer to the respective answer key to identify where they have gone wrong. Also Explore, GATE 2018 Question Paper

Answer Key GATE 2017

GATE Answer Key 2017 helps the candidates to self analyse their performance or exam preparation. Accordingly, they can plan for their studies more efficiently so that they ace the GATE exams. Also Explore, GATE 2017 Question Paper

GATE Answer key 2016

GATE 2016 official Answer Key helps the candidates to identify their mistakes and correct them before the exams. Referring to the answer keys is also the best way to clear any doubt regarding the key topics included in the respective previous year question paper. Also Explore, GATE 2016 Question Paper

Steps to Access the Answer Keys

  1. Visit the official GATE website.
  2. Go to the “GATE 2021 Question Papers and Answer Keys Click here” link that will be updated once the answer keys are released.
  3. The question papers and answer keys can be found from these links
  4. Access the answer key and the corresponding question papers and get the PDF format.
  5. Can take the printout for future reference.

Steps to Calculate the Score with the help of GATE Answer Keys

First, identify the total number of correct answers and then allocate marks accordingly and subsequently calculate the overall marks. Finally, the candidate has to tally the overall negative marks for wrong attempts. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) will be given negative marks for wrong answers. Meanwhile, NAT questions will not have any negative marking. So the calculation is as follows:

  • MCQs Mark: Total marks (1 mark) + Total marks (2 marks)
  • Total marks (1 mark) = 1 x no. of correct attempts – 1/3 x no. of wrong attempts
  • Total marks (2 marks) = 2 x number of correct attempts – 2/3 x number of wrong attempts
  • NAT Marks: Total marks (1 mark) + Total marks (2 marks)

Formula: Total marks = Total marks secured for correct response – Negative marks for the wrong answer.

Steps to Challenge the GATE Answer Keys

Every candidate who aspires to challenge the answer keys can do so by paying INR 500 online, within a period specified by the authorities. To raise objections, the candidates have to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Get online on the official GATE website.
  2. Login with the registered ID and password.
  3. Then click on the link ‘GATE Answer Key 2021.’
  4. Choose the paper/discipline for which you had appeared.
  5. Now Click on ‘raise objection.’
  6. Identify the question number for which you want to object to the official answer key and then submit the question ID.
  7. Pay the objection fee via the available mode of payment.

The candidates can check the serial number of questions mentioned in the official question paper released on the website while challenging the GATE 2022 answer key. Moreover, candidates must also specify the section name and question number in the supporting document before uploading these documents. The expert committees consider the challenges on the GATE Answer Keys from the candidates. Then subsequently, the final answer keys are published based on the recommendations of the committees.

Significance of GATE Answer Key 2022

Meanwhile, the GATE Answer Keys are of great significance. Here, we have listed some points to show the importance of these answer keys.

  • GATE answer keys constitute correct responses to the questions asked in the exams
  • These answer keys provided transparency to the admission process
  • They reduce the chance of unwanted penalisation of candidates
  • Candidates can analyse the marking scheme and answer keys to get an idea about the scores

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