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GATE Score Validity

All IIT M.Tech, NIT, and PSU aspirants know the significance of the GATE score card. GATE scores are needed while applying for these programmes. Hence, the candidates are also undoubtedly excited about the GATE score validity. Therefore, here in this article, we have tried to provide complete information and details about the GATE score card validity.

GATE score validity for M.Tech admissions is for the following three years. However, for PSU job aspirants, the GATE scores are valid for only a year. Hence, if candidates have qualified in the GATE 2024 exams, they are eligible for M.Tech admissions for the next three years after releasing the GATE results, but the scores to land a PSU job will be valid for only a year.

In this article, we have compiled all the information about the GATE Score Card Validity. Check out the list of contents below.

This article provides details about the GATE scores, their validity, qualifying marks, the total number of times an aspirant can attempt the GATE exams, and so on.

GATE Scores – Time Validity

Most candidates believe that since the exams are conducted every year, the scores are valid for only one year. However, that is not the truth. Moreover, since there is no age limit for these exams, the candidates can appear for the exams as many times as they want. So, let us consider the points given below:

  • GATE scorecard validity is for three years since its issuance
  • GATE aspirants aiming to improve their scores can appear for the exams next year
  • If any candidate has multiple valid scorecards, during admission to the desired institution, they have the option to use any of them

GATE Scores Validity – For IIT Admissions

  • GATE scorecard validity for IIT M.Tech admissions is for three years
  • GATE cut-offs for older and prestigious IITs are higher in comparison to the new ones
  • Candidates with 600 to 800 scores have a better chance of getting a call from the institute based on the programme they are seeking admission to

GATE Scores Validity – For NIT Admissions

  • GATE score validity is three years for NIT admissions
  • Centralised counselling for M.Tech held yearly by NIT help with NIT admissions
  • Cut-offs for less preferred programmes are lesser
  • Centralised counselling cut-offs are within 300 to 900 for most preferred programmes
  • Admissions are based on the criteria by these institutes and seat intake

Besides, find here the details of GATE score card validity for other private institutions and universities:

  • Private universities may not look for specific GATE cut-offs but would require valid scores
  • The validity would depend on the university or institution
  • Those who have qualified for the exams with good scores will find it easier to get admission into PG or Master’s courses in Engineering

GATE Scores Validity – For PSUs Recruitment

  • The scores would differ for PSU recruitment as per the discipline and category
  • Only the current GATE scores are valid for a few PSUs
  • Typically, GATE score validity is a year for PSU recruitment
  • PSUs such as NTPC and GAIL will only call top rankers for interview

GATE Qualifying Marks/Valid Scores

  • Marks required to qualify for the exams
  • Any candidate who scores more than the cut-off is eligible for counselling
  • Institutions or Universities can decide their own GATE cut-offs
  • The GATE score card is given to only those who get equal to or more than the qualifying scores

Here are some factors that determine the qualifying cut-offs:

  • How complex is the question paper
  • How many applicants are there for the exam
  • How many seats are available at the institutions
  • Which is the category under which the candidates have applied for admissions

Candidates can check here for further details about GATE cut-offs.

After getting an idea about the validity and the significance of the scores, candidates also need to find the perfect solution to prepare well and boost their marks. Find some tips below:

Tips to Boost GATE Scores

  • Know the concepts thoroughly
  • Apply them effectively while writing answers
  • Go for shorter and correct methods to solve the numerical questions
  • Save time and effort during exams
  • Give accurate answers to questions
  • Take mock tests and learn to manage time more effectively
  • Attempt to answer all the questions smartly without leaving any loopholes
  • Read the questions carefully before answering

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Frequently Asked Questions on GATE Score Validity


What is the GATE score validity?

GATE scores are valid for 3 years for M. Tech admissions and for some PSUs the validity of the scores are for a year.


What are the qualifying GATE scores?

A valid GATE score is the minimum score required to qualify for admission to M. Tech at various institutions. Normally, institutions will determine their cut-off criteria, but the candidates should have the minimum qualifying scores in the GATE exams to start off with.


For how long are the GATE scores valid for PSU recruitments?

GATE score differs for every PSU, as per the discipline and category. While some PSUs would consider only the GATE scores of the current academic year valid, the others may consider previous year scores as well.

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