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Engineering Mathematics Books for GATE

Engineering Mathematics is a very crucial subject that forms a part of the GATE exams. Cracking this paper can help you score well in the GATE exams. What you need to achieve this, is to enhance your problem-solving skills and practise all the equations or formulas involved. What better way to do this than to refer to the GATE Mathematics book? Here, in this article below, you can easily access information and details about the Engineering Mathematics Book for GATE.

We have tried to compile for you the list of most recommended or best books for Engineering Mathematics for GATE. These suggested books are highly popular and cover all the topics in the related subject for GATE exams. You can refer to the book of the required subject and score well in exams.

List of Best Book for Engineering Mathematics for GATE

Essential Engineering Mathematics Michael Batty
Higher Engineering Mathematics B.S. Grewal
Advanced Engineering Mathematics H.K.Dass, S. Chand
Advanced Engineering Mathematics Erwin Kreyszig
Advanced Engineering Mathematics Greenberg

Meanwhile, in this article, we have also attempted to compile the benefits of referring to the best Engineering Mathematics for GATE books.

Benefits of GATE Engineering Mathematics Books

These books help with GATE preparation of Engineering Mathematics, a crucial part of the GATE papers. In this article, we have listed the benefits of these books.

Essential Engineering Mathematics by Michael Betty

  • The book gives explanations for the concepts that can be easily understood
  • Constitutes various step-by-step questions and examples to practise
  • Questions hand-picked from previous year question papers
  • Fits the question paper format of the current academic year

Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal

  • If you are an undergraduate student, you will find this book to be helpful with GATE preparation
  • Contains all topics and concepts needed for GATE and other competitive exams
  • Every chapter covers theory, examples and problems

Advanced Engineering Mathematics

  • The book includes all major topics and concepts related to the subject
  • The book constitutes numerous solved examples as well as the previous year papers of the different universities
  • Several other topics are included for better comprehension of the subject
  • Be familiar with the standard and trend of questions to expect in the exams
  • It also included in-text exercise questions as well as solved question papers found at the end of the book
  • Thus, you can easily get appropriate practices for all the concepts covered

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