How Many Attempts for GATE?

What is the maximum number of attempts in GATE?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national exam conducted for the candidates who seek admissions or financial aid/ assistantship to Postgraduate (Master’s and Doctoral Programs) with the MoE (Ministry of Education) and other Government Scholarships / Assistantships. Candidates, however, will also have to meet the admission criteria of the admitting institute to get into these institutes. The scores from the exam are also used by PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) for their recruitment process and numerous additional Indian universities and those abroad for admissions. Meanwhile, here in this article below, consider how many attempts are there for GATE exams.

Learn How Many Attempts Can be Made For GATE Exams

The scores of an attempted exam are usually valid for three years from the date that results are out. So, ideally, if a candidate has scored well in the exam, they need not attempt the GATE for the next three years. Apart from that, let us see how many attempts for a GATE exam a candidate can avail.

There is no limit to how many attempts there are for a GATE exam. It depends totally upon the candidate on how many attempts can be made for GATE. While some PSUs may claim 28 or 30 as the age limit, how many attempts for GATE exams for admissions to research and post-graduate seats rely entirely on the Institution. Even if a score is valid only for three years after it has been declared, there is no age limit or restriction on how many attempts are there for GATE exams. A candidate can appear unlimited times for the GATE exams.

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