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How Many Students Give GATE Exam

How Many Students Give GATE Exams:- GATE is one of the most competitive exams used to gauge the performance of Engineering graduates. Every year, lakhs of candidates attempt this exam, thus increasing the number of candidates who are taking the exam. The reasons why candidates appear for the GATE exams are multifold. Candidates who aspire to gain more knowledge in the specific fields of Engineering or other related fields and get into the relevant higher educational institutions for MS or M. Tech Courses opt to appear for the GATE exams. PSUs also recruit candidates based on their GATE scores. In this article, we discuss in detail how many students give GATE exams.

It is seen that almost ten lakhs of candidates appear for the exams, every year-on-year. For the year 2021, nearly 8.5 lakh candidates appeared for the GATE Exams. This is the rough estimate of the total number of candidates appearing for the board exams for the respective academic year. In some branches, the Engineering and Science candidates appear in large numbers, while in some others, the number of candidates is lesser. The most popular branches are Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science & Information Technology, Electrical Engineering & Civil Engineering. Find out more about how many students appear for GATE exams in total and branch wise.

Number of Students Giving GATE Exams

Meanwhile, please check the details given in the table below for the list of branch wise number of candidates for the GATE exams through 2010 to 2021:

Years Number of Candidates For the GATE Exams
2021 8,82,684
2020 8.58,023
2019 7,79,632
2018 7,81,854
2017 7,87,148
2016 8,18,850
2015 8,04,463
2014 8,89,156
2013 9,84,855
2012 6,86,614
2011 5,53,654
2010 4,02,723

Number of Students Who Appeared for the Respective Papers of GATE Exams 2021

Meanwhile, to get the number of students who appeared for the branch wise papers of GATE Exams 2021, check out this table below:

Paper Codes/ Subjects No. Of Candidates
ME: Mechanical Engineering 120,594
CE: Civil Engineering 115,270
CS: Computer Science & Information Technology 101,922
EE: Electrical Engineering 87,559
EC: Electronics Communication Engineering 80,629
XL: Life Sciences 23,973
CY: Chemistry 23,465
XE: Engineering Sciences 22,219
PH: Physics 17,499
IN: Instrumentation Engineering 16,770
CH: Chemical Engineering 16,705
BT: Biotechnology 13,186
MA: Mathematics 11,635
AR: Architecture and Planning 10,857
ES: Environmental Science & Engineering 9,183
AE: Aerospace Engineering 4,914
GG: Geology 4,797
MN: Mining Engineering 3,918
XH-C2: Humanities and Social Sciences(English) 3,846
MT: Metallurgical Engineering 3,486
XH-C1: Humanities and Social Sciences(Economics) 2,307
AG: Agricultural Engineering 2,277
PE: Petroleum Engineering 2,153
PI: Production and Industrial Engineering 2,059
EY: Ecology Evolution 1,718
BM: Biomedical Engineering 1,684
TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre Science 1,643
XH-C6: Humanities and Social Sciences(Sociology) 1,255
ST: Statistics 1,199
XH-C5: Humanities and Social Sciences(Psychology) 1,141
GG: Geophysics 826
XH-C4: Humanities and Social Sciences(Philosophy) 538
XH-C3: Humanities and Social Sciences(Linguistics) 315

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