WPS Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of WPS?

The Full Form Of WPS is a Wi-Fi Protected Setup

WPS is the network security standard that helps to create a protected and secure wireless home network. It also helps to make a faster and easier connection between the router and wireless device. WPS works for the wireless network and uses a password protected with the Wi-Fi Protected Access Personal (WPA). When you don’t want to share your Wi-Fi connection frequently with the same person, then you can share the WPS 8 digit pin, and when your work is done you can reset the WPS pin. This complete process requires having an idea about the Wi-Fi devices.

History of WPS

WPS was first introduced in 2006 and invented by CISCO.

Characteristic of WPS

  • WPS provides you the facility to block the other user from using your Wi-Fi.
  • WPS allows the users to use it by pressing the WPS button on the router.
  • WPS protocol includes three types of devices in a network viz, Enrollee and AP. Enrollee seeks to connect the network and AP stands for Access Point which is a bridge between Register and Enrollee.
  • WPS is used only for wireless networks, which uses a password protected with the Wi-Fi Protected Access Personal (WPA) or Wi-Fi Protected Access2 (WPA2) Personal security protocols.

Advantages of WPS

  • WPS creates a network called SSID and WPA password for the access point.
  • In WPS, the security key is generated randomly, due to which no one can guess it.
  • You don’t need to know the username or password while connecting with a WPS enabled device.
  • You don’t have to enter a long sequence of hexadecimal codes to create a connection.
  • To securely exchange the information, Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) is used. EAP is one of the authenticated protocols used in WPA2.

Disadvantages of WPS

  • WPS can be used in the devices that support WPS. Otherwise, you have to follow the traditional method for the connection.
  • WPS doesn’t support an ad-hoc network. Adhoc is the network in which there is no access point required. The wireless devices can directly interact with each other.
  • Due to a long sequence of hexadecimal characters, it is difficult to connect the non-WPS clients.
  • WPS is not supported by every device, as this technology is new.

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