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RSA Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of RSA?

The Full Form Of RSA is Rivest, Shamir, Adleman.

RSA means Rivest, Shamir, Adleman. These are the inventors of the popular RSA Algorithm. The RSA algorithm is based on public-key encryption technology which is a public-key cryptosystem for reliable data transmission. This technology helps in transmitting private and delicate data across the internet because of its conventional encryption method.

RSA History

It was invented in 1978 by scientists Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman at RSA Data Security Inc. To increase the security they have added a code in this algorithm.

Properties Of RSA

  • RSA is a public-key encryption method.
  • This algorithm is safe and reliable for the transfer of data across the internet.
  • It takes care of the privacy of the data.
  • RSA has unusual toughness as breaking into the keys by interceptors is very difficult.

Advantages Of RSA

  • The process of implementing the RSA algorithm is quite simple.
  • RSA is safe and reliable for mechanisms, hence, there is no risk in sending private data.
  • Solving the RSA algorithm is quite complicated as it includes difficult mathematics.
  • Bestowing public keys to people is simple.

Disadvantages Of RSA

  • It can break occasionally because for entire encryption we require both asymmetric and symmetric encryption and RSA prefers symmetric encryption.
  • The data shift rate is slow because of the large numbers included.
  • Sometimes, it needs a third person to confirm the authenticity of public keys.
  • Powerful processing is needed at the receiver’s end for decryption.

Working Of RSA

It works on two keys:

  • Public key: It includes two numbers, in which one number is the result of the product of two large prime numbers. This key is given to all the users.
  • Private key: This key is obtained from the 2 prime numbers included in the public key and it remains private.


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