Difference Between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Bluetooth Vs. WI-Fi: Know What is the Difference Between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Bluetooth and WiFi are popular wireless technologies majorly used for connecting devices like laptops, mobile and more. However, despite having the same kind of technologies, they have some different features. While WiFi allows you to connect your devices to the internet, on the other hand, Bluetooth only allows you to connect your devices to other devices. Let’s analyze more differences between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology is a popular wireless communications technology. It is a short-range wireless communications medium that allows us to connect one device with another device. Through Bluetooth, you can share images, files, videos, and more. Also, you can have conversations via a headset. You can use Bluetooth on many devices such as mobile phones, laptops, speakers, earphones, etc.

What is Wi-Fi?

WiFi is a wireless technology that allows you to enable internet facilities in your devices. It connects a device (computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices) to the internet. Basically, to use a wi-fi you require a WiFi router to get an internet signal from your modem and convert it into a radio signal.

Difference Between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi




Full Form

Full-form of WiFi is Wireless Fidelity.

Bluetooth has no full-form.


WiFi demands a wireless router to set up the connectivity and adapter on the devices.

Bluetooth demands a bluetooth setting or adapter on all devices to set up connectivity.

Power Consumption

It consumes high power.

It consumes low power.


WiFi is more secure than Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is less secure than WiFi.

Multi User

WiFi can hold a large number of users to be connected.

Bluetooth holds a smaller number of users to be connected.


WiFi requires high bandwidth.

Bluetooth demands low bandwidth.


WiFi can cover an area up to 32 meters.

Bluetooth can cover an area up to 10 meters.

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