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AVI Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of AVI?

The full form of AVI is Audio Video Interleave

AVI is a multimedia container format containing both video and audio info in a record holder. The holder permits synchronous playback of sound and video, and thus AVI files support multiple streaming. AVI assists people in sharing video records, and the AVI record is one of the most prevalent among various video groups. Be it experts or novices- everyone depends on AVI records for generating videos. 

AVI files became very popular for their compatibility and simplicity across various platforms. They commonly contain TV shows and movies in small sizes but of great quality. 

History of AVI 

  • Microsoft created the AVI file format in November 1992, intending to provide a better video and audio file format for the Windows OS. 
  • They released AVI in the form of a Windows 3.1 add-on. 
  • The Maxtor OpenDML developed AVI 2.0 within four years. 
  • This video file format became a hit with the rise of the Internet. And it is one of the most popular video formats today. 
  • You can encourage the cloud-based storage of media by integrating web-based services with AVI files. 

Characteristics Of AVI 

  • AVI supports video playback without the need for hardware platforms. 
  • Users can edit any digital video info without any requirement of expensive/ specialized hardware. 
  • One can adjust the window size, format parameters, and frame rate. It is based on the processing speed and hardware capacity of the playback environment. 
  • AVI supports real-time playback and synchronization control. 
  • When a user plays AVI video data, the waiting time is reduced due to system efficiency and quick loading time. 
  • The AVI files stored on the CD-ROM and hard disk are easy to be played by the VFW player. 
  • The digital video file structure has open and generic characteristics in AVI. 
  • A user can develop individual AVI files- which they can use at any time in the Windows environment. 
  • An AVI file is prone to editing and alteration. 

Benefits Of AVI 

  • Audio fidelity is high in AVI videos. 
  • A variety of codes are available that help users achieve the desired ratio when compressing files online, for example, DivX and XviD. 
  • This file type does not require a particular software app or hardware device to run. Thus, the variety of individuals who can open and run these files is vast. 
  • Unlike other A/V formats, one can compress the DV-AVI standard. It becomes compatible with the DV standards. 
  • One can create playable disks and DVDs to store initial A/V video info using the AV files. 
  • The quality that AVI files maintain is excellent for the master files. 
  • The compression capabilities of AVI files make it the most widely used format for ads, promos, short videos, etc. 
  • People are familiar with the AVI file format, and they thus know how to utilize it without much hassle. 
  • Since Microsoft developed the AVI file format, it becomes playable with most of Microsoft and non-Microsoft OS. 
  • One can create playable DVDs by using AVI as a starting point. 

Limitations Of AVI 

  • Some AVI records can be exceptionally huge compared to other record designs. 
  • This file format doesn’t support softsubs. 
  • A user can’t store a lot of files. You can compress the files- leading to poor video quality. 

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