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GATE Score

Explore What Is A Good GATE Score?

GATE Score – Know all details-what is a good GATE score and the uses of GATE score. GATE Exam is highly popular, and more and more candidates are now interested in appearing for the exam. Now, all these aspiring candidates have only one query in their mind: what is a good GATE score? They are also urged to find out details about the highest GATE score.

What is a Good GATE Score?

In this article, we have attempted to provide the candidates with detailed information and inputs; what is a good GATE score? How do we get good scores? How are these scores calculated? Find details about GATE Cut-offs for NITs, IITs and much more.

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GATE Score Details

One thing that can help the candidates further in their journey into higher studies or career is the GATE Scores. Now, what is GATE Score? GATE is an entrance examination that permits the candidates to get into Post Graduate programmes, PSU jobs, admissions to other universities, etc. Once the exams are over, the GATE also announces the GATE Scores and the qualifying cut-offs.

Knowing the GATE Scores

Now, the GATE scores can be calculated as per the actual marks of the candidates or using the normalization method, in case there are two sessions for the same paper. Meanwhile, let us find out what details are published in the scorecard:

  • Marks are calculated out of 1000
  • GATE scores as the marks secured by a candidate
  • Normalized Marks are calculated out of 100
  • Find details of All India Rank in this paper
  • Find out the qualifying marks for the paper
  • What is the number of candidates in this paper

What Is A Good Gate Score

A good GATE Score is the qualifying mark that the candidates obtain, enabling them to land the IITs or NITs admissions, PSU Jobs, admission to other renowned educational institutions, etc.

Qualifying Cut-offs for GATE

Let us also take a look at the qualifying cut-offs for GATE:

GATE Cut-off 2021:

Paper Code Cut-off Marks (out of 100) % Qualified Candidates Candidates Appeared
Aerospace Engineering (AE) 26.30 17.28 4914
Agriculture Engineering (AG) 25.00 13.39 2277
Architecture and Planning (AR) 40.90 22.03 10857
Biomedical Engineering (BM) 25.00 19.00 1684
Biotechnology (BT) 30.00 19.48 13186
Civil Engineering (CE*) 29.20 17.19 115270
Chemical Engineering (CH) 35.10 20.02 16705
Computer Science & Information Technology (CS*) 26.10 17.37 101922
Chemistry (CY) 36.20 19.33 23465
Electronics Communication Engineering (EC) 25.00 13.84 80629
Electrical Engineering (EE) 30.30 17.41 87559
Environmental Science & Engineering (ES) 39.60 20.82 9183
Ecology Evolution (EY) 35.70 19.44 1718
GG (Geology) 38.90 23.70 4797
GG (Geophysics) 44.80 29.54 826
Instrumentation Engineering (IN) 36.00 20.92 16770
Mathematics (MA) 29.00 22.04 11635
Mechanical Engineering (ME*) 33.00 17.15 120594
Mining Engineering (MN) 31.00 22.31 3918
Metallurgical Engineering (MT) 48.50 23.06 3486
Petroleum Engineering (PE) 51.40 21.09 2153
Physics (PH) 32.80 20.68 17499
Production & Industrial Engineering (PI) 35.70 18.21 2059
Statistics (ST) 25.00 8.42 1199
Textile Engineering & Fiber Science (TF) 41.80 20.45 1643
Engineering Sciences (XE) 37.00 19.83 22219
Humanities and Social Sciences (XH-C1 (Economics)) 29.40 20.16 2307
Humanities and Social Sciences (XH-C2 (English)) 41.70 21.55 3846
Humanities and Social Sciences (XH-C3 (Linguistics)) 35.30 20.00 315
Humanities and Social Sciences (XH-C4 (Philosophy)) 37.90 22.49 538
Humanities and Social Sciences (XH-C5 (Psychology)) 48.50 21.38 1141
Humanities and Social Sciences (XH-C6 (Sociology)) 34.30 23.35 1255
Life Sciences (XL) 36.00 21.69 23973

For any more details or references about past years GATE Cut-offs, check the details given at the respective page.

IITs Admissions

All those candidates who have qualified with top ranks or a GATE score less than 200 will get a chance to get into the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). To get admissions into top IITs, the candidates should have a perfect GATE score. On a general note, the GATE candidates who have bagged scores from 600 to 800 still stand a chance to get a call from these institutes, depending upon the discipline they have applied to.

GATE Cut-off For IITs

Please find here the previous year GATE Cut-off for IITs for reference purposes. We will provide here the list of some IITs with GATE Cut-off.

NIT Admissions

Candidates can get into NITs post successful completion of centralized counselling for M. Tech/M.Arch./M. Plan Admissions (CCMT). Meanwhile, to get into NITs or other relevant universities, candidates have to first register for the counselling. The GATE cut-off varies from one discipline to another. The popular or the renowned disciplines have higher cut-offs as compared to the disciplines that are opted by only a few candidates. To get more details, candidates can also check out the GATE Cut-offs for NITs.

PSU Recruitment Via GATE

GATE scores considered by PSUs for recruitment is different for each category and stream. PSUs are the government-owned corporations, and they offer employment based on the marks bagged by the candidates in the GATE exam. PSU Recruitment through GATE is open for various different posts. These corporations announce the application forms in online mode and interested applicants are required to finish the registration process prior to the deadline.

As per the reports, only those candidates who have scored less than 50 will get a call to the interview from PSUs like NTPC and GAIL. Alternatively, PSUs like Power Grid are more inclined towards the performance in the interview. Therefore, candidates with 200 stand a chance of an appointment if the interview performance has gone well. For the candidate’s reference, we have also provided the GATE Cut-off for PSU here.


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