How can we reduce human-wildlife conflict?

There are multiple reasons that have led to a loss of wildlife and human beings due to the conflict between the two. Urbanization, overpopulation, lack of protected areas, transport networks, etc. are the major causes of human-wildlife conflict. All this severely impacts the ecosystem as a whole and adversely affect sustainable development and biodiversity as well. There are certain measures that can be taken in order to reduce this conflict.

Human-Wildlife conflict can be reduced by following certain measures:

  • Creating more Protected Areas and buffer zones 
  • Steps must be taken to enhance the safety of people and wildlife and to create mutual benefits of coexistence
  • Local communities can also participate in devising measures to reduce this conflict
  • The concerned authorities must devise a strategy and action plan to reduce human-wildlife conflict at a national level
  • Before camping, hiking, or venturing into natural areas, learn about the animals that you might encounter

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