How many types of montane forests are there?

Montane Forest in India can be classified into three types. They are

  • Wet Temperate Forests(1000-2000 meters): These forests can be found in the higher hilly areas of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and in the region of the Eastern Himalayas. The mean annual rainfall here is 150 cm to 300 cm, the mean annual temperature is about 11°C to 14°C 
  • Temperate Forests (1500-3000 m): Temperate forests cover the southern slopes of the Himalayas and are characterised by pine, deodar, silver fir, spruce and cedar trees. The annual rainfall varies from 150 cm to 250 cm.
  • Alpine Forest in India (More than 3600 m): Alpine forests are characterised by silver fir, junipers, pines and birches trees. Lichens and mosses are found in the natural vegetation at higher altitudes.

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