What are the provisions in Article 371C?

Article 371 C of the Indian Constitution deals with the Special provision with respect to the State of Manipur. They are as follows:

  • This article was added by the 27th Amendment Act of 1971. 
  • The President is authorised to provide for the creation of a committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly consisting of members elected from the Hill Areas of the State. 
  • In this article, the expression ‘Hill Areas’ means such areas as the President may, by order, declare to be Hill Areas. 
  • The President can also direct that the Governor shall have a special responsibility to secure the proper functioning of that committee. 
  • The Governor should submit an annual report to the President regarding the administration of the Hill Areas. 
  • The Central Government can give directions to the State Government as to the administration of the Hill Areas. 

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