What are the top 10 causes of Pollution?

Given below are the top 10 causes of pollution –

  1. Burning of Fossil Fuels – such as coal, oil, gasoline to produce energy for electricity or transportation
  2. Automobiles – gases emitted from vehicles
  3. Agricultural Activities – the insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers emit harmful chemicals. Burning stubble and farm residue also contribute to pollution.
  4. Factories and Industries – emits carbon monoxide, organic compounds, hydrocarbons and chemicals.
  5. Mining Activities – dust and chemicals are released while extracting minerals from the earth
  6. Domestic Sources – household cleaning products and paints contain toxic chemicals
  7. Construction and Demolition – raw materials such as bricks and concrete cause haze and foul air
  8. Open burning of Garbage waste
  9. Microbial Decaying process – Decaying of the microorganisms present in the surrounding releases methane gas which is highly toxic.
  10. Volcanic eruptions- volcanoes release enough sulfur dioxide into the air and influence global cooling.

Further Readings – 

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  2. National Clean Air Programme – NCAP
  3. Pollution measurement – Air Quality Index (AQI)

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