What complaints can be inquired into by NHRC?

NHRC can investigate any complaints related to human rights violations in India either suo-moto or after receiving a petition. In the latest period, the major types of complaints have been:

  • In respect of police administration
  • Failure in taking action
  • Unlawful detention
  • False implication
  • Custodial violence
  • Illegal arrest
  • Other police excesses
  • Custodial deaths
  • Encounter deaths
  • Harassment of prisoners; jail conditions
  • Atrocities on SCs and STs
  • Bonded labour, child labour
  • Child marriage
  • Communal violence
  • Dowry death or its attempt; dowry demand
  • Abduction, rape and murder
  • Sexual harassment and indignity to women, exploitation of women

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