What is SMART Governance?

SMART Governance implies simple, moral, accountable, responsive and transparent governance.

  • Simple- meaning simplification of rules, regulations and processes of government through the use of ICTs and thereby providing for a user-friendly government
  • Moral- connoting emergence of an entirely new system of ethical values in the political and administrative machinery. Technology interventions improve the efficiency of anti-corruption agencies, police, judiciary, etc.
  • Accountable- facilitating design, development and implementation of effective Management Information systems and performance measurement mechanisms and thereby ensuring accountability of public service functionaries.
  • Responsive- streamlining the processes to speed up service delivery and make the system more responsive.
  • Transparent- bringing information hitherto confined in the government documents to the public domain and making processes and functions transparent, which in turn would bring equity and rule of law in responses of the administrative agencies.

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