What is the impact of climate change in india?

Climate change comes with its share of risks through which it is affecting livelihood and the atmosphere in India. World Bank in its research about the impact of climate change in India, brought forth the following points:


  • Extreme Heat – Unusual and unprecedented spells of hot weather across the country have been observed over the years
  • Changing Rainfall Patterns – There has been a decline in monsoon rainfall. However, the patterns have shown extreme situations like floods or drought in various regions
  • The exploitation of Groundwater – More than 60% of India’s agriculture is rain-fed, making the country highly dependent on groundwater. Even without climate change, 15% of India’s groundwater resources are overexploited.  
  • Melting of Glaciers – Glaciers in the northwestern Himalayas and in the Karakoram range are melting rapidly
  • Rise in Sea Level – Rapid and unplanned urbanization has increased the risks of seawater intrusion
  • Impact on Agriculture and Food Security – With the increase in the prices of biofuels due to climatic changes, the food and agriculture sector in the country is also affected
  • Health – Climate change is expected to have major health impacts in India- increasing malnutrition and related health disorders such as child stunting, malaria and other vector-borne diseases, have also become common


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