Mensuration Formulas Class 10

Mensuration formulas for class 10 mainly comprises of the formulas involving the volume and surface area of common 2D and 2D shapes. Here, the list of some important class 10 mensuration formulas are given for the students to quickly skim through them and retain them for longer.

Class 10 Mensuration Formulas List

In class 10, a lot of important formulas are introduced in mensuration chapter. It should be noted that the formulas of most basic 2D and 3D shapes are included. Some of the important formulas in class 10 mensuration chapter are as follows.

Mensuration Class 10 Formulas for 2D Figures

Shape Name Area Perimeter (or Circumference)

Mensuration Formulas for Circle



Mensuration Formulas for Square



Mensuration Formulas for Rectangle

l × b

2(l + b)

Mensuration Formulas for Triangle

½ × height × base

a + b + c

Mensuration Formulas for Parallelogram

b × h

2(l + b)

Mensuration Formulas for Rhombus

½ × d1 × d2

4 × side

Mensuration Formulas for Trapezium

½ × h (a + b)

a + b + c + d

Mensuration Class 10 Formulas for 3D Figures

Shape Name


LSA (or CSA)


Mensuration Formulas for Cube




Mensuration Formulas for Cuboid

2 (lb +bh +hl)

2h (l + b)

l × b × h

Mensuration Formulas for Cone

πr (r + l)


(⅓) × πr2h

Mensuration Formulas for Cylinder

2πrh + 2πr2


πr2 h

Mensuration Formulas for Sphere



(4/3) × πr3

Mensuration Formulas for Hemisphere



(⅔) × πr3

These were a few important formulas in class 10 mensuration chapter. It should be noted that the concepts of mensuration is generally introduced in class 6 but the formulas continue to be used in higher grades. In class 10, the surface area and volume chapter includes all these formulas.

Class 10 Topics Related to Mensuration (Surface Area and Volumes)

Practice Questions Using Class 10 Mensuration Formulas

  1. Find the area of a circle whose circumference is 30 cm.

    (Hint: Area Of a Circle)

  2. Given that the side of a square wall is 75 m. Calculate the cost of painting it at the rate of Rs. 3 per sq. m.

    (Hint: Area Of A Square)

  3. Find the amount of air that can be accumulated in a room having the length of 5 m, breadth of 6m and a height of 10m.

    (Hint: Volume Of Cuboid)

  4. Calculate the cost required to paint a container which is in the shape of a right circular cylinder having a base radius of 7 m and height 13 m. If the painting cost of the container is Rs. 2.5/m2.

    (Hint: Surface Area of a Cylinder)

  5. Find the total surface area of a cone which has a radius of 8 cm and a height of 12 cm.

    (Hint: Surface Area Of A Cone)

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