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Is Crash Course For NEET Helpful?

With NEET fast approaching, crash courses occupy the forefront. This is valid to an extent as crash courses are extremely helpful if you feel under-prepared or have a large chunk of the NEET syllabus to cover in a short time span. But is it really helpful? Let’s find out in this post.

Crash courses are short-term schemes wherein a student is provided with a summarized version of chapters, study material, highlights of the chapters, key concepts and marathon sessions covering the syllabus. Some centres also offer a few excellent short cuts, tips and tricks to solve questions within a minute. In addition, what appeals to and assures students the most is the guidance of an expert.

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The answer to “Is crash course for NEET helpful?” can be best answered in two broad scenarios:

1. Crash course for Beginners

2. Crash course for Revision

Crash courses can be helpful to some, provided they can be grouped in one of the following categories, hence decide if it is helpful or not. Students can fall in either of the two categories, sometimes both, but the latter is unlikely given the time for NEET.

1. Crash course for beginners

If you are a beginner who has just started to prepare for NEET, you must strictly refrain from taking up crash courses.

Beginners, ideally have ample time in hand which must be productively utilized to build upon concepts, solving and practising questions.

Should such candidates take up crash courses? How helpful is it?

The suggestion is no. Beginners with enough time must prioritize clearing concepts for which assistance can be sought, but not through crash courses. The best preparation is when a student is devoid of any doubts. More than being of help, it can potentially create chaos.

2. Crash course for Revision

You have a thorough knowledge of concepts, and looking for confidence boosters, you don’t want to waste time, rather enrol for a crash course in the last one or two months before NEET after complete preparation? Then, crash courses are for you, it can be helpful to such students.

Ideally, it is suggested that students who are thorough with the NEET syllabus and looking for marathon revision sessions, assessments and brushing up on concepts, opt for NEET crash course. Here again, it is an individual choice.

Should such candidates take up crash courses? How helpful is it?

Crash courses are most effective when the base is stronger, which is formed by strong conceptual knowledge and acquaintance with the curriculum. If you are confident enough about having studied and understood all chapters and crash course is only to enhance your preparation, then it is recommended to opt for it. It can be really helpful for candidates belonging to this category.

Students are suggested to analyze their preparation before opting for crash courses. It is highly recommended to seek the advice of an expert on the same and opt for the right crash course, if need be.

Who must take up a crash course?

These candidates can opt for a crash course

  • Students who are unable to complete syllabus at this crunch time
  • Students who are not up to the mark when it comes to solving MCQs
  • Students who lack knowledge of cracking questions with the right tricks and techniques
  • Students who require expert guidance and motivation to study in the last days
  • Students requiring a summary of NEET syllabus, if failed to attend a regular course
  • Students who are well-prepared and are looking at crash courses as confidence boosters

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