What Is A Good Score For NEET?

This question can be answered on the basis of the college you aim for. One needs to aim high and work hard to achieve it.

The cut-off for NEET 2020, the general category was 720-147. NEET 2019 was a relatively easier paper, hence the cut-off was anticipated to be higher and was expected to fall in the range 555-575. To get admitted under the All India Quota, one had to score in this range.

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In this case, when this is the range of cut-off, in order to get a good government medical college, aspirants must aim for 590+ and nothing less. Since, the NEET cut-off changes every year, one must set a higher target of NEET score to get that seat you always dreamt of.

As per information on the internet (which is subject to change every year), this data provided below can help you more, which is basically talking about different colleges, hence aligning your preparations accordingly: (this information is for aspirants who do not belong to states like Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, UP, Chandigarh etc. that are extremely competitive)

  • 650+ can get you a seat at MAMC
  • 635+ can get you a seat in any Delhi medical college
  • 610+ can get you a seat in Seth GS, BHU, IMS, GMC Chandigarh and such top colleges
  • 590+ can get you a seat in top colleges of the state through the state quota. Next best through the All India quota
  • 560+ can get you a seat in top colleges through state quota (doubtful in Delhi, but definitely in MP) and any other good medical college throughout
  • 540+ – Decent medical colleges in home state, top one in MP
  • 510+ can get you a seat in-state colleges conveniently. Marginally through AIQ
  • 490+ can get a seat in the state, not the best one though. AI? No chance
  • 480+ is a score marginal enough to get through the State quota. Admissions to private medical colleges begin from here

Lastly, the better your marks are, the better the college you will land up with. Hence, aim for the highest and make better choices.

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