Why Online Coaching Is Must For NEET 2021?

Online coaching has undoubtedly become a progressively growing trend amongst students these days. In addition to the many benefits it offers, its increasing popularity is making it students’ favourite. But when it comes to NEET exams, is the same still applicable? Is online coaching beneficial to students participating in the biggest medical entrance exam in India? Let’s find out.

Yes, online coaching is definitely instrumental in shaping your NEET preparations and hence highly recommended. Read on to get insights as to why online coaching is a must for NEET aspirants. But before getting to it, let us get familiarized with some quantitative information. Every year more than 15 lakh students participate in the exams, which only goes on to say how fierce the level of competition is. For these, lakhs of students, how many teachers do we have? Ideally, the best student to teacher ratio is 1:1, but that is an ideal scenario.

The number of teachers qualified and ready to take on the role of educating NEET aspirants is nowhere a match to the number of participating candidates. This equates to saying that there are hundreds and hundreds of students assigned under one teacher. If this was not enough to leave you baffled, what will? The vastness that comes in the form of the syllabus for NEET exams is not a hidden fact which would naturally have a direct impact on the productivity of teaching, the tricks, pedagogy and what not. Subsequently, this has repercussions which would reflect in NEET results and scepticism in the minds and reflexes of students.

With all these intimidating stats, we also bring to you an answer to all your questions in the form of online coaching. Here, with online coaching, students not only get their concepts cleared, but it also serves as an eye-opener in the form of tips one can use which only enhances their speed and accuracy, which are key aspects in competitive exams. In addition to this, there are many other reasons which make online learning lucrative. Read on.

Here, we bring to you top 6 reasons why online coaching is a must:

1. Information accessibility

It is known that students who are preparing for NEET exams are also preparing for their upcoming board exams which implies that their schedules are often clashing and tumultuous. Here is where NEET online coaching comes into the picture and how! These classes serve as a boon to students as they are not dependent on the availability of teachers as the schedule here is flexible. As and when available, one can learn. Which brings us to our next advantage.

2. Help available at your convenience

In contrast to the conventional classroom set-up in most of the private coaching classes and colleges, where there are set timings for teachers to teach and students to learn, none of it happens in the case of online classes. Most of these classes are in compliance and ease of students’ timings. NEET online classes are made available to students as per students’ convenience which is the biggest advantage. Now, you can schedule your study planner accordingly with these online classes.

3. Effective time and money management

One of the most important factors, not only in a students’ academic life, but everyone else’s life is the “time” aspect. With online classes for NEET, students can simply, at the luxuries of their homes, learn. This is also inclusive of the hours of time that would otherwise be spent on traffic congestion in travelling, where half of the time is wasted. Long-distance commutes also come with a price, so the money aspect is also nullified with online learning which we would otherwise shell out to reach our private coaching centres and let’s admit, we all know how travelling in metro cities these days is costing an arm and leg.

4. Updated with the latest

Information that is made available to students online is mostly the latest information extracted from verified and reliable sources. All portals want to make only the latest and newest information available to the students which become possible with these platforms for NEET aspirants. This includes not only the study material as per the latest syllabus but also regular NEET updates, preparation tips, tricks to save time and increase accuracy and speed, exam day guidelines and much more which are absolutely essential for students’ knowledge.

5. Individual attention

Most online classes offer teachers wherein a student gets undivided attention. This is a great advantage especially for students who are reticent.

6. Great platform for interaction

In addition to the attention that is received in these face-to-face sessions, it is also an excellent platform for shy and reserved students who step up and participate in conversations and interactions. There is more scope of students clearing their concepts, building confidence. This enables students to concentrate better. In addition, NEET online classes have a principle idea of providing extensive training to students through practising previous years’ NEET question papers, solving mock tests and more such modules which are extremely essential for NEET.

To conclude, with all these advantages that online classes offer, it hands down is the best option available for today’s students and is the future of education where education is amalgamated with technology for the best. These reasons must suffice and help you go for NEET online classes right away which toppers over the years chose and reached where they are today. Register with BYJU’S for more on NEET.

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