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NEET Questions - Chapter 18 - Body Fluids and Circulation

Explore the top 10 questions in Chapter 18, Body fluids and circulation, important for NEET preparation. Students can make note that questions collated here are from NEET question papers from the previous years, hence all the more important.

Important NEET Questions on Class 11 Chapter 18 Body Fluids and Circulation

1. Adult human RBCs are enucleated. Which of the following statement(s) is/are most appropriate explanation for this feature? (NEET 2017)

I. They are somatic cells

II. They do not need to reproduce

III. All their internal space is available to transport oxygen

IV. They do not metabolize

A. I, II, and IV

B. III and IV

C. Only III

D. Only I

2. Name the blood cells whose reduction in number in cause clotting disorder, leading to excessive loss of blood from the body (NEET-II 2016)

A. thrombocytes

B. erythrocytes

C. Neutrophils

D. leucocytes

3. Serum differs from blood in lacking (NEET-II 2016)

A. antibodies

B. clotting factors

C. albumins

D. globulins

4. Blood pressure in the pulmonary artery is (NEET-I 2016)

A. more than that in the carotid

B. same as that in the aorta

C. less than that in the venae cavae

D. more than that in the pulmonary vein

5. This blood vessel in mammals would typically carry the largest amount of urea

(NEET-I 2016)

A. Dorsal aorta

B. Renal vein

C. Hepatic portal vein

D. Hepatic vein

6. Doctors use stethoscope to hear the sounds produced during each cardiac cycle. The second sound is heard when (2015)

A. Semilunar valves close down after the blood flows into vessels from ventricles

B. AV valves open up

C. Ventricular walls vibrate due to gushing in of blood from atria

D. AV node receives signal from SA node

7. Person with blood group AB is considered a universal recipient because he has


A. both A and B antigens in the plasma but no antibodies

B. both A and B antibodies in the plasma

C. no antigen on RBC and no antibody in the plasma

D. both A and B antigens on RBC but no antibodies in the plasma

8. How do parasympathetic neural signals affect the working of the heart? (2014)

A. both heart rate and cardiac output increase

B. reduce both heart rate and cardiac output

C. heart rate is increased without affecting the cardiac output

D. heart rate decreases but cardiac output increases

9. A certain road accident patient with an unknown blood group needs immediate blood transfusion. His one doctor friend at once offers his blood. What was the blood group of the donor? (2012)

A. Blood group AB

B. Blood group O

C. Blood group A

D. Blood group B

10. Which one of the following plasma proteins is involved in the coagulation of blood?


A. Fibrinogen

B. Serum amylase

C. Globulin

D. Albumin

Question Answer Key
1 C
2 A
3 B
4 D
5 D
6 A
7 D
8 B
9 B
10 A

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These were the top 10 important NEET questions on Body Fluids and Circulation. For more on NEET, visit BYJU’S.

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