Want To Conquer NEET Botany? Follow These Essentials

On an average, an equal number of questions appear from Botany and Zoology sections of Biology each year. NEET 2020 however, saw nearly 43 questions out of 90, appearing from Botany. Nevertheless, it is critical to strike a balance and pay equal attention to both sections of Biology.

While you begin to prepare for Biology knowing it comprises 50% of the NEET Question paper, Botany seems all the more interesting and significant as other sections. All the sections provide an equal chance to fetch marks, hence no topic can be left for its dreariness. Let us understand some factors which can help one score better at the Botany section of NEET.

NCERT all the way

Time and again the importance of NCERT for NEET has not been stressed enough. It must be heavily relied upon for NEET. Top rankers and expert academic faculty for NEET overemphasize its importance to witness the best outcome. A testimony of which toppers over the years, also provide.

One of the common myths that need to be busted around study material for NEET is scepticism around “beyond the syllabus questions”. In the wake of which students tend to depend on a stack of books. Refrain from doing so.

Questions beyond the range of NCERT can still be tackled if basics are well-cemented. This aspect has been well taken care of in NCERT textbooks. Hence, the content of NCERT must be at one’s fingertips.

Deduce High-weightage Chapters

Glance over the previous trends and jot down the chapters from which most number of questions were asked. Arrange these chapters in the descending order and prepare accordingly. For instance, Plant Physiology and even Ecology are critical chapters. Likewise, refer to the blueprint to know other important topics.

Check : NEET Biology Weightage

Exhaustive Preparation

On most occasions, it has been noticed that students tend to prioritize Physics for its computational nature or even chemistry for its periodic element properties and reactions. Botany draws the least concentration at times, given its descriptiveness. Students tend to sideline solving questions on Botany, this must be avoided. It is highly recommended that students solve Biology questions for NEET too. This is to enhance the Botany question planning and solving skills.

The best resource for which is solving mock tests and practising consistently. It is a sure shot step to conquering Botany at NEET. Improve your levels of speed in this section by solving more number of papers.

Diagrams to the rescue

Since the information provided is descriptive for some concepts in botany, one can refer to its diagrammatic illustration to better understand and remember for longer. Also, one needs to practise and remember all the labellings of each diagram provided. Visual representation/video tutorials can be of immense help in this regard.

These were some points to remember and inculcate in your routine if you plan to conquer the NEET Botany section. Stay with us for more on NEET.

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