NEET Biology Weightage 2021

Biology Weightage For NEET 2021

NEET is a national level, single entrance exam for medical aspirants carried out every year for admissions to medical institutes. The exam assesses students’ knowledge in different sections such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The exam is carried out for 720 marks, with 360 marks alone allotted for the Biology section. In other words, 90 questions appear in the Biology section of NEET, 45 each from Botany and Zoology sections.

Over the years, on average, it has been observed that the Biology section of NEET exam is typically the easiest. Students find this section to be easy as 80-85% of questions appearing from this section in the NEET-UG exams are directly picked from the NCERT syllabus.

Only a mere 15% or so questions in the NEET Biology section are beyond the scope of NCERT. Hence, candidates who are well-versed with every line of the NCERT textbook for Biology are assured to crack the NEET Biology section with flying colours. To assist students in this endeavour further and comprehend the importance of concepts, we bring to you chapter wise weightage of Biology concepts as the NEET Biology syllabus remains vast.

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NEET Biology 2021 Chapter-wise Weightage

NEET 2020 Weightage – Number Of Questions Asked 

NEET Botany Chapter-wise Weightage

Class Chapter name Number Of Questions
Class 11
Plant Physiology 9
Cell and cell cycle 6
Structural organization of plants 5
Diversity of Life 5
Class 12
Genetics 7
Ecology 7
Biology in Human welfare 2
Reproduction and sexual reproduction 2

NEET Zoology Chapter-wise Weightage

Class Chapter name Number Of Questions
Class 11
Human Physiology 12
Biomolecules 6
Animal Kingdom 5
Structural organization of animals 2
Class 12
Animal husbandry and Biotechnology 10
Human Reproduction and reproductive health 4
Evolutions theories and evidences 4
Human Health and diseases 4

The table provides insights into different chapters and corresponding weightage. The average number of questions given in the last column is on the basis of previous years’ trends from the year 2006 onwards up till NEET 2019. Take a look:

Name of Unit Chapter’s name Average no. of questions
Diversity in the Living World
The Living World 1
Biological Classification 3-4
Plant Kingdom 3
Animal Kingdom 3-4
Human Physiology
Digestion and Absorption 2
Breathing and Exchange of Gases 2
Body Fluids and Circulation 2
Excretory Products and their Elimination 2
Locomotion and Movement 1-2
Neural Control and Coordination 2
Chemical Coordination and Integration 3
Plant Physiology
Transport in Plants 1-2
Mineral Nutrition 1-2
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants 2
Respiration in Plants 1
Plant Growth and Development 1-2
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
Morphology of Flowering Plants 3-4
Anatomy of Flowering Plants 3
Structural Organisation in Animals 2
Cell Stucture and Functions
Cell : The Unit of Life 3-4
Biomolecules 2
Cell Cycle and Cell Division 2
Biology and Human Welfare
Human Health and Disease 3-4
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production 2-3
Microbes in Human Welfare 3
Biotechnology and its Applications
Biotechnology : Principles and Processes 2-3
Biotechnology and its Applications 2
Ecology and Environment
Organisms and Populations 2
Ecosystem 2-3
Biodiversity and Conservation 2-3
Environmental Issues 3
Genetics and Evolution
Principles of Inheritance and Variation 5-6
Molecular Basis of Inheritance 4
Evolution 3
Reproduction in Organisms 1-2
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants 3-4
Human Reproduction 3-4
Reproductive Health 2

Note: This is just an average number of questions, inferred from previous years’ trends. The number of questions is subject to vary.

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