NEET 2021 Physics Weightage

Physics Weightage For NEET

Physics section is termed as a daunting section of NEET exams over the years by candidates as it involves conceptual clarity and a solid understanding of physics concepts to apply the acquired knowledge on numerical-based questions. This section is often termed tricky and long as it involves calculations and reasoning. But, when you prioritize topics based on their importance analyzed from previous trends, Physics just becomes a cakewalk on the exam day. To assist you in the same endeavour, we have brought to you Chapter-wise weightage of NEET Physics.

Physics Weightage For NEET

The table depicts the important chapters and the corresponding marks it carries.

Topics Weightage(%)
Thermodynamics 9
Current Electricity 8
Dual nature of radiation and matter 6
Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple circuits 6
System of Particles and Rotational motion 5
Electromagnetic waves 5
Ray optics and optical instruments 5
Wave optics 5
Electric charges and fields 4.5
Electrostatic potential and capacitance 4.5
Work, Energy, and Power 4
Electromagnetic induction 4
Alternating current 4
Laws of motion 3
Kinetic theory 3
Moving charges and magnetism 2.5
Magnetism and matter 2.5
Physical World, units and measurements 2
Gravitation 2
Mechanical Properties of solids 2
Mechanical Properties of fluids 2
Thermal properties of matter 2
Motion in a straight line 1.5
Motion in a plane 1.5
Oscillations 1.5
Waves 1.5
Atoms 1.5
Nuclei 1.5

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