Why Solve MCQs For NEET Biology?

Often students come up with a question which goes something like this – “Why solve MCQs for NEET Biology when reading is enough?” This is a valid question. However, it is important to solve questions when it comes to NEET, even if it is in the Biology section. Listed below are important reasons which will convince you to solve questions right away, highlighting why one must certainly solve questions.

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Reasons To Solve Biology MCQs For NEET

  • MCQs are the best assessing sources, especially for low-order cognition, such as recalling discrete facts that Biology has to offer
  • Solving MCQs for NEET Biology evaluates improvement
  • Students always answer more effectively and efficiently when data is in question format rather than merely skimming through topics
  • Resolving questions can help one identify and catch up on topics missed from studying
  • Serves as a question bank, offering a plethora of questions from various biological concepts
  • Practising questions help students analyze the knack of question-framing
  • Question planning can be interpreted and mastered
  • Assists in identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps get acquainted with format and pattern of questions which is pivotal to crack NEET
  • Great tool for effective management of time
  • Sets the tone for the exam hall-temper
  • Evaluates subject knowledge by asking questions in different ways through judging – reasoning, assertion, cognitive and analytical capabilities
  • Helps improve reflexes, as technically 1 minute is allotted for each question at the exam
  • Biology, as a subject, offers vast syllabus. Solving MCQs helps to streamline topics and identify recurring questions, hence to focus on important topics

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