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How To Study For NEET Biology?

For NEET enthusiasts, it goes without saying that being conversant with the Biology section of NEET is inevitable. Biology is a vast subject, hence one needs to be aware of the fact that smart preparation is the key for competitive examinations, especially in an exam as competitive as NEET.

As marks scored in Biology decide your rank above other criteria, aspirants need to be extremely confident and well-prepared with Biology section (Botany and Zoology).

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Nearly 85%-90% of the biology section comprises questions completely from NCERT and from them, nearly 70% of them are direct questions and 30% of it are mostly one sentence. Apart from these, the rest of the questions are picked from applied biology and conceptual topics.

One cannot ignore the importance of solving and practising from previous years’ question papers. Along with the countless benefits it offers, it renders a good idea of time management

Focus on questions/concepts repeating in papers over the years and prepare thoroughly without missing out on any concept. Do not ignore the last chapters from Physics, Chemistry or biology sections, which one usually tends to do.

Pay attention to physiology, nomenclature, microbiology, biotechnology as they weigh more. Also, read the summary section of all the chapters, all sections. Diagrams should be thoroughly practised and memorized, with the proper sequence of labelling, questions might appear from there.

Don’t forget the tables and differences, these can be appearing from topics from plant breeding, microbes, pollution and related topics. For nomenclature topics, referring to names given in the book is sufficient. Plant physiology is an important concept as many as 7 questions appear from this section. The supplementary section provided towards the end of the book should not be missed.

Work hard, stress less, but do not compromise on your preparation. It needs to be impeccable. Set every day goals and make sure you achieve them.

Try to complete the biology section by filling the OMR sheet in as less as 45 minutes, because other sections are time-consuming. Do not spend more time on questions you have no clue about. Fill out the theoretical questions first. Also, remember that one mark can make a difference to your rank, so you do not want to miss out on any topic.

Sleep well, eat well. Health should not take a back seat in your preparation.

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