Humming Bird Science Olympiad - HSO

Students in grades 1 to 12 with a range of specialities compete in the Humming Bird Science Olympiad. In addition to the Science Olympiad, Humming Bird sponsors events in Social Studies, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, and the famous Spell Bee. The Humming Bird Science Olympiad (HSO) is open to students enrolled in CBSE, ICSE, State Board, or any other recognised Indian board.

Students must follow the corresponding class curriculum in order to prepare for the test. Students in grades 1 to 12 can apply for the HummingBird Science Olympiad in an online format. On the official website, students may find the HummingBird Education Science Olympiad application form. Check out the article for more information about the HummingBird Science Olympiad.

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Exam Highlights and Important Dates

Conducting Body Humming Bird Education
Exam Name Humming Bird Science Olympiad (HSO)
Registration Details 30 Days before First Exam Date (Tentative)
Classes 1 to 12
Exam Dates
  • 16 November 2022
  • 2 December 2022
Admit Card Release Date 15 Days before the Exam Date
Result Announcement January 2023
Mode of Reference Online
Mode of Examination Computer-based Test

HSO Registration

Humming Bird registration is available in two formats: school registration and individual registration. Students can complete the school registration procedure with the help of the school coordinator. Individual registration, on the other hand, can be done directly on the official website by students.

The school coordinator can either obtain the registration forms from the official website or write an email to Humming Bird requesting an information booklet. Students should also visit the official website and fill out the HSO individual registration form for individual participation. For national schools, the HSO registration fee will be INR 200, and for foreign schools, it will be INR 500. Payment for HSO 2022 registration can be made online or by sending a demand draft in the mail.

HSO Exam Pattern

HSO consists of multiple-choice questions in which students must select the correct answer from a list of four options. There will be no deductions for incorrect responses or questions that are left unanswered.

With an exam duration of 50 minutes, students will discover 30 subject-based questions and 20 intelligence-based questions meant to test their higher-order thinking skills.

HSO Syllabus

The Humming Bird Science Olympiad is a competition that focuses on science in everyday life, such as physical components, the environment, and the human body. For higher and lower grades, the test method and difficulty level differ. Students benefit from the syllabus since it exposes them to the topics on which questions will be posted.

The syllabus for HSO 2022 is available as free books and PDF files. Students can access a huge number of audio and video tutorials using mobile applications. Listed below are the class-wise syllabus details of HSO.

Class 1

  • Living things around us (identification)
  • Non-living things around us (identification)
  • The food we eat (identification and taste)
  • Clothes we wear (type and use)
  • Drinking water & air (sources and uses)
  • My family and relatives
  • Everyday science

Class 2

  • Living things around us (characteristics)
  • Non-living things around us (characteristics)
  • The food we eat (classification and properties)
  • Clothes we wear (sources and properties)
  • Drinking water & air (components and properties)
  • Society

Class 3

  • Characteristics of land animals
  • Characteristics of aquatic animals
  • Characteristics of birds
  • Knowing plants
  • Parts of the human body (identification)
  • Communication
  • Our senses
  • Chemicals around us (identification)
  • Motion, transport and travel
  • Natural resources
  • Keeping our environment clean

Class 4

  • World of microorganisms
  • Parts of the human body (uses and details)
  • Joints and body movements
  • Communication: Our senses
  • Chemicals around us (uses and properties)
  • Forces in nature, work and energy
  • Our universe
  • Soil
  • Our environment

Class 5

  • Our eyes: A gift of God to humans
  • Our heart: A life-controlling unit
  • Nutrition and chemistry in everyday life
  • Motion and measurement
  • Work, power and energy gravitation
  • Our habitat
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Pollution: A global problem

Class 6

  • Fibre to fabric
  • Sorting materials into groups and separation of substances
  • Motion
  • Measurement of distances, light, shadows and reflections
  • Food and components of food
  • Changes around our surroundings
  • Knowing plants and living organisms
  • Surroundings
  • Body movements
  • Water and the air around us
  • Garbage in and garbage out

Class 7

  • Heat and light
  • Physical and chemical changes
  • Acids, bases and salts
  • Weather, climate, and adaptation of animals to climate, winds, storms, and cyclones
  • Motion and time
  • Electric current and its effects
  • Soil water: A useful resource and wastewater
  • Forests
  • Nutrition in plants and animals
  • Respiration in organisms
  • Transportation in animals and plants
  • Reproduction in plants

Class 8

  • Synthetic fibres and plastics
  • Materials: Metals and non-metals
  • Coal and petroleum
  • Combustion and flame
  • Sound and light
  • Force, pressure and friction
  • Chemical effects of electric current
  • Some natural phenomena
  • Stars and the solar system
  • Crop production and its management
  • Cell structure and functions
  • Microorganisms: useful and harmful effects
  • Animals reproduction
  • Conservation of plants and animals
  • Air and water pollution

Class 9

  • Matter in our surroundings and matter around us in pure form
  • Atoms, molecules and structure of an atom
  • The fundamental unit of life and tissues
  • Diversity in living organisms
  • Motion and force
  • Laws of motion and gravitation
  • Work, energy and sound
  • Why do we fall ill?
  • Natural resources
  • Improvement in food resources

Class 10

  • Chemical reactions and equations
  • Acid, bases and salts
  • Periodic classification of elements
  • Metals and non-metals
  • Carbon and its compounds
  • Life processes
  • Control and coordination
  • How do organisms reproduce?
  • Heredity and evolution
  • Light-reflection, refraction, the human eye, and colourful world
  • Electricity and magnetic effects of current and sources of
  • Our environment and management of natural resources

Admit Card for HSO 2022

The admit card for HSO 2022 may be acquired from the official website. Students may access their Humming Education student profile by logging in using their HSO registration number and password.

Without a hall ticket, students will not be able to enter the examination hall. Students should keep a physical copy of their admit card with them for the duration of the test.

Exam Preparation Tips

  • Students who want to compete in Olympiads should begin practising at the beginning of the year. Olympiad examinations are normally held in November and December, so students who start early have a better chance of preparing well.
  • It gets easier to focus on subjects that appear to be a bit challenging if students have a basic understanding of the curriculum.
  • A good timetable makes it easier to split subjects evenly. After students have finished a topic, go over it again to make sure to remember the main points.
  • When it comes to studying the whole syllabus for various disciplines, time management is crucial. Students must keep a timetable in which they allocate different time slots for studying for the Olympiad examinations.

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Frequently Asked Questions on HSO 2022

Will the Humming Bird Science Olympiad application money be refunded?

No, the Humming Bird Science Olympiad application fee will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Where can I obtain an HMO application form?

The application form for the Humming Bird Mathematics Olympiad is accessible on the official website.

In what format will the Humming Bird Science Olympiad be held?

The Humming Bird Science Olympiad is entirely a computer-based exam.