INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad)

The Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO) is a maths competition held in India. The INMO is the HBCSE IMO’s third stage. The Indian National Olympiad is a well-known yearly mathematics competition for high school students held in India. The INMO test is the second stage in the selection process for the Indian team for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Every year, the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education administers the INMO test (HBCSE). The INMO examination attracts thousands of students from across the country, but only 30 candidates are chosen.

The selected candidates are trained at the IMOTC (International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp) after the exam, and six of the top candidates are picked to represent our country at the international level after the training. In this article, we’ll go over what INMO is, how candidates may register, exam instructions, eligibility requirements for the INMO 2022 test, and the whole syllabus, among other things.

INMO 2022 Exam Dates

Events Dates (Tentative)
 Exam date 27 February 2022

INMO 2021-22 Examination Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must first complete the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) of their particular state or zone in order to sit for the INMO 2021-22 test. Candidates must meet a few requirements in order to be considered for the INMO 2021-22 test. If a candidate wishes to sit for the INMO 2021-22 test, he or she must meet the INMO Eligibility criteria listed below.

  • Before filling out the INMO 2021-22 application form, candidates must be 28 years old.
  • Candidates for the INMO examination are chosen entirely on the basis of their achievement in the basic stage test, the Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO).
  • In each area, a maximum of 28 students from grades 8, 9, 10, and 11 and a maximum of 6 students from grade 12 are chosen to participate in the HBCSE INMO.
  • In the event of a tie between two applicants’ scores, the Pre-Regional Math Olympiad (Pre-RMO) score will be used to break the tie. If the Pre-RMO score fails to break the score, all candidates will be considered in the final list presented to the HBCSE.
  • In addition, five extra females (only female students in grades 8, 9, 10, and 11) are chosen, with the applicants for each region being excluded.
  • A minimum of five students from non-Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) CBSE schools outside India and a maximum of five students from KV schools outside India may be selected to take the INMO 2021-22 test directly. The CBSE and KVS authorities are primarily in charge of student selection.
  • The INMO test is generally held in February, but the official dates have not yet been released. Out of 500 applicants, 30 qualified for the INMO 2021-22 examination. The top 30 applicants are then assigned to the HBCSE for a month of instruction in preparation for the International Math Olympiad.
  • Only the finest six applicants are picked to represent our country at the International Math Olympiad when the training camp is completed (IMO).

INMO 2021-2022 Exam Pattern

The INMO 2021-22 test has been previously held in the month of March. Students who pass the IOQM are then shortlisted to take the INMO this year. Every year, the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education conducts the INMO test, which is the third level of the International Math Olympiad programme. The INMO test pattern is administered in a paper-and-pencil format, with a total of six questions and a four-hour time limit. The next phases of the IMO may alter due to the ongoing epidemic in our country.

INMO 2021-2022 Registration

The INMO test consists of six extremely difficult questions and lasts four hours. All of these questions must be answered on the response script, which must be submitted with the rough sheets at the end of the test. The problems on the INMO exam are extremely challenging, and the level of difficulty rises with each step of the Math Olympiad programme. INMO registration details are listed below.

  • Candidates should be informed that INMO does not have a separate registration process. Direct admittance is given to students who pass the early stage, and are IOQM and INMO merit awards from the previous year. On the basis of a range of criteria, about 900 individuals are shortlisted for the INMO test.
  • If a student is serious about taking the INMO test and wants to apply, he or she must first participate in the Regional Mathematics Olympiad 2021-22 (RMO), and finish among the top 30 scores in their nation.
  • Three organising bodies coordinate the Regional Mathematics Olympiad: the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS), and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) in 25 areas throughout the world.

INMO 2021-2022 Syllabus

The pre-degree college mathematics course is covered under the INMO 2022 exam syllabus. The INMO test is conducted in an offline manner and lasts four hours. The questions in this exam mostly cover the mathematics syllabus from Class XI to Class XII, but the difference between the traditional mathematics exam and the INMO exam is that, while the syllabus is the same, the questions are much more difficult, and all questions must be solved correctly; answers without explanation will not be accepted.

The INMO 2022 test will include questions from the following topics.

  • Arithmetic of Integers
  • Geometry
  • Quadratic Equations & Expressions
  • Trigonometry
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • System of Linear Equations
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Inequalities
  • Elementary Combinatorics
  • Probability Theory
  • Number Theory
  • Finite Series & Complex Numbers
  • Elementary Graph Theory
  • Factorization of Polynomial

INMO 2021-2022 Result

The method for checking the INMO 2021-2022 exam results online is outlined below.

  • Students must go to the HBCSE’s official website.
  • They must go to the official website and look for the INMO 2022 results link on the front page.
  • They will be routed to another website after finding the INMO 2022 result. On that page, there will be a link that states ‘INMO 2022 results.’
  • The list of Merit Awardees may be seen by clicking on the link.
  • The students must next locate their roll number in the list to verify their results.

Frequently Asked Questions on INMO 2021-2022

What is the procedure for applying for INMO?

Students should be informed that there is no formal registration process for INMO. Direct admittance is provided to students who pass the prior stage (IOQM) and INMO merit awards from the previous year. Approximately 900 candidates are chosen each year to take the INMO test, based on a number of criteria.

Is INMO a difficult exam?

The INMO test is the third level of the National Olympiad Math programme, and students who have passed the prior two stages are eligible to take it. To say that the INMO test is difficult is an understatement, since the stakes are quite high.

What is the INMO 2022 Examination’s structure?

The INMO 2022 test consists of six questions that must be completed in four hours. The complete question paper is worth 102 marks, and all six questions are for the same amount of points. The six issues are in the domains of algebra, geometry, number theory, and combinatorics, and they are extremely difficult to answer. Although the test does not include calculus, students are allowed to answer questions using calculus-based methodologies.

What instructions will students receive during the INMO 2022 examination?

Students should come 30 minutes prior to the start of the test.
Those who arrive after 12.30 p.m. will be denied the opportunity to take the exam.
Students would not be allowed to leave the test room until the four-hour time restriction has passed.
Students are urged to have all of their documents, including their Aadhar card/passport and admission card, with them at all times.
Participants are allowed to bring a geometry box, however they are only allowed to use a ruler and compass.
Ink should be blue or black. Students are urged to use a pencil to make geometry diagrams and appropriately mark them.
Cell phones and calculators will not be authorised.
Students must turn in their response papers, but the question paper can be kept.

Is the Olympiad more difficult than JEE?

Olympiads are more demanding than the JEE and JEE ADVANCED exams. To begin with, all questions in IMO and other Olympiads are tougher than those in JEE.

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