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Presenting an online learning program for students studying in different education modules such as State boards and CBSE online Class 11. Class 11 plays a significant role in a student’s life as one starts learning different subjects extensively. After Class 10, a student generally becomes accustomed to the structure of Board exams and is aware of the syllabus and teaching methodologies of Class 11.

BYJU’S – The Learning App is India’s most loved learning app for students as we provide online tuitions at home and online classes for Class 11 CBSE and other boards. Class 11 is that phase in the academic career of students when they need proper guidance to create a solid foundation of conceptual knowledge and excel in their exams with good scores.

At BYJU’S, we have a vast network of highly experienced and best teachers online, which is the most sought-after platform for Class 11 online classes. Our online teachers provide excellent guidance to students for all important CBSE subjects and clarify their doubts instantly. Online classes indeed act as a medium that helps students to have a better understanding of complex concepts and score well in their examinations.

Subject-wise Online Classes for Class 11 CBSE

Class 11 online classes help students to gain thorough and in-depth insights into complex concepts that are taught in traditional coaching classes. At BYJU’S, we offer the best and most detailed subject-wise online classes for Class 11 CBSE students.

We have CBSE online classes for Class 11 Science, CBSE Class 11 Maths online classes, CBSE online tuition for Class 11 English, CBSE online Class 11 Chemistry, CBSE online Class 11 Physics, etc. for our students. Our Class 11th online classes are curated by our team of expert teachers who adopt a personalized teaching-learning methodology that makes it easier for students to grasp concepts. Besides, we also conduct regular assessments and online tests for Class 11 that keeps students’ minds afresh of their curriculum and helps them to score good grades in all their exams.

Additionally, with our online classes program we also offer sample papers of CBSE online Class 11 of all the major subjects. These sample papers are designed by our team of subject-matter experts in accordance with the latest exam pattern and syllabus followed by the Board. Meanwhile, you can also enrol yourself for a free demo CBSE online Class 11 session and experience the joy of learning through our online medium and interact with our teachers.

Why should you choose BYJU’S Class 11 Online Classes?

BYJU’S is India’s largest and best edtech that provides online classes for Class 11 CBSE, several competitive exams such as entrance exams, government exams and for students of different education modules. Class 11 is considered to be a tough class when students get exposed to extensive and complex concepts and they need to grasp the vast amount of knowledge within a limited timeframe of a year.

Our online classes for Class 11 CBSE are imparted by our online teachers strategically and they ensure that the students don’t feel overwhelmed while going through the syllabus and are able to deal with the exam pressure systematically. We also provide CBSE Class 11 online study resources and recorded lectures that can be accessed by the students while they are revising the subjects before their exams. Hence, the benefits of online tuition for students are immense.

Here are some reasons why BYJU’S is considered as the best choice for CBSE online Class 11 learning both by students and their parents:

  1. Our online classes for Class 11 CBSE are diligently designed and structured into proper lessons by our talented teachers who ensure to provide a customized learning experience to all the students.
  2. In our CBSE online Class 11 classes, students have access to one-on-one interaction with the online teacher and can clarify their doubts instantly without postponing it to a later date.
  3. One of the biggest advantages of studying online classes for Class 11 CBSE is that students can study from any place at any available slot, as per their convenience from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, they don’t need to travel long distances to attend coaching classes and these classes are available at reasonable rates.
  4. Regular assessments and online tests for Class 11 of different subjects are conducted by our online teachers on completion of every chapter. In a way, this helps students to analyse how well they have understood the chapter and focus on the areas that need improvement.
  5. Our CBSE online Class 11 sessions are conducted as per the syllabus set by the Board. Our teachers impart lessons as per the curriculum, so that it becomes easier for students to strike a balance between online classes for Class 11 CBSE and the traditional classes held at school. They are in a better position to grasp concepts and deal with the exam pressure that prepares them for higher classes.

Our CBSE online Class 11 learning program helps students to strive and soar higher in their quest for acing their exams with flying colours. Do you wish to explore more such interesting information and online home tuitions for lower grades? Check the links of Class 10, 9 and 8 as provided below:

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